Chivalry 2

  • Mirage Looks like a really cool game Torn Banner. My only issue is why are you making Chivalry Deadliest Warrior and Mirage and why are you not making Chivalry 2. Mordau is going to Destroy you guys … That game looks like what Chivalry 2 should be. Cmon Torn Banner don’t let us down. :p

  • @LordRoffleSalad it’s a smart marketing move on Torn Banners part.

    For the average co Sumer it seems stupid but I can assure you it’s not.

  • @LordRoffleSalad
    If they make Chivalry 2 right now, they’ll be typecast as only making that type of game and will have to compete with a lot of other new games in the medieval sword fighting genre (Mordhau, M&B Bannerlord, For Honor, various single player games.)

    They can try to branch out with their second game, try something new, and if it succeeds, awesome. If it fails, they can fall back to Chivalry 2.

  • @LordRoffleSalad LOL u didnt look up anything Chivalry Deadlist Warrior is out alongtime jezus … Mirage is gonna be shit!
    Magic game from a medieval game Bro plz just no … no

  • @TGL-Error cheers to tb for thinking outside the box, whether its good or not my wallet is theirs if they make a shameless xbox one port

  • This wasn’t necessary on the console forums tbh. Mirage looks decent IMO and I’ll buy it if it’s popular.

  • @TGL-Error I know deadliest warrior came out a long time ago. Don’t you know Yanni Blaze kills Bots to rank to # 1

  • @RetractedBoot il buy it anyway but i dont think its gonna be good

  • @TGL-Error said in Chivalry 2:

    @RetractedBoot il buy it anyway but i dont think its gonna be good

    There’s really no telling at this point.

    It seems to have caught the attention of the media though and unless they are BS ing us then it is supposed to be a well done game.

    If it’s successful then hey, Chivalry 2 is gonna have a pretty big pot of money to draw out of for it’s development.

    Of course though… Chivalry 2 isn’t gonna happen anytime soon.

    Chivalry 2 2020

  • Torn Banner probably doesn’t want to get into the copy paste sequel line like CoD and Mario are known for, they most likely want to expand their avenues instead of making the same game over and over till it just becomes boring to make.

    Personally I think this sequel lines you see from those examples I used stem from:

    1. Fear of investing in a new game and having it flop like E.T did when it killed Atari.
    2. The fans wanting the same game because they already know they like it.

    The problem with both of those things are that people don’t know what they want until you make it. Nobody knew that they wanted a game where you punch trees and build whatever you want till they made Minecraft. It takes a risk to make a great game and taking no risk by making more of the same will never make a great game.

  • @br0ny2 very true

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