Mirage: Server Admin Controls

  • One of the things that really hurt Chivalry (minus the Bubble patch) was EZ Admin server controls. From someone who has owned and managed servers since Quake2, AVP2 and AOC EZ in game server admin is very important specially if there is going to be any chance for a competitive scene. Chiv is the only game I have hosted that most all commands were tedious console commands that had no real admin or stable working remote admin tool. (minus the two that fans created and BBB is a pain in the ass)

    Having to reboot the server to make minor changes is not only time consuming but if you add in custom maps and mods the reboot time can be quite long not to mention having to type in commands and map names exactly is a pain in the ass. Nothing is worse than to have to reboot a server full of players to make minor changes.

    So for starters there should be a server admin INI file where player admin’s steam or UID IDs are listed and the server automatically logs them in as admin when they join the server. Then have a keybind that when pressed bring up an admin overlay buttons. For example: press P or type !admin and the admin button overlay appears. Buttons would lead to sub menu buttons.


    • Restart map
    • Change map
      • maplist
    • Extend map Time
    • Rotate map
    • next map
    • previous map
    • Map Rotation
      • number of maps
      • maplist


    • Player (punishments are ideas but many are valid)
      • pause player
      • freeze player
      • drug player
      • burn player
      • switch team
      • kill player
      • send to spectate
      • Give health/stamina/weapon
        • amount/weapon
      • kick/ban player
        • kick ban check box
        • duration / perm
        • Reason
        • player list
      • unban player
        • banned player list
        • unban/enter
      • Mute/unmute player
        • voice/text
      • Send player message
        • player list

    Server (commands that should be able to work without having to reboot a server)

    • pause game
    • Add Bots (number)
    • Remove Bots
    • Gravity settings
    • Team damage settings
    • Game Speed settings
    • Tournament mode on/off
    • Player perspective 1st/3rd
    • Set game password
      • on/off
      • password input
    • Change Game mod/mode
      • mod list
    • Change Server Name
      • input box
    • Reboot server ( if truly needed)

    Then there should also be a separate INI file for the map rotation that the in game menu can set or login to server web console and manually edit.

    As well as a separate INI file of banned players that the in game admin menu uses so that admins could easily find, edit and do a full wipe of banned players

    I mean if we are wishing for features in any game, as a server host and admin, a menu like this would be well worth the investment.

    I will also be posting up more observations on the game overall once I get a little more seat time in game as I think Mirage is suffering some of the similar issues with ping differentials between players.

  • I added a few more possible buttons.

    • kick/ban
      • Reason
    • Give health/stamina/weapon
      • amount/weapon


    • Player Perspective 1st/3rd
    • Add Bots (number)
    • Remove Bots

    If you have more suggestions or if I missed any of the common admin commands

  • Developer

    Really appreciate the write up, we’ll definitely keep all of this in mind.

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