A Tale of Chivalry.

  • Hello folks!

    A hobby of mine when I have the time is writing and I’d love to get the chance to create a massive story involving all of you!

    The theme of the story will be a dark, thriller with lots of action (obviously) The world is based in a fictional world called Araspiria ‘Pronounced Ara-spear-ria’

    I’ll need heroes, villains, some in-between the two and many more roles befitting a story such as mine.

    Let me know how you wish to be remembered in this epic tale, it will take a while to complete and I may release it in chapters.

    I shall give a small excerpt of the story so you guys know what kind of roles I can fit you in for. Each role will told in first person.

    Note : Characters will be simply named ‘The King, the Knight or the Warrior etc’ until a certain name has been given.

    *I changed my stance and gripped my sword with both hands all the while the knight continued his attack, I parried the blow with an upwards block. Throwing the knight off-balance at surprise of the exchange he took a large step back and as he struggled to regain his footing he exposed his left leg in the process, I took advantage of the situation and proceeded to stab his extended leg, piercing his armour and driving it through his flesh, he let out a bloodcurdling scream of pain. I wrenched my sword upwards, blood pouring from the wound like water from a stream.

    He fell to the other knee as I pulled the sword free of him. ‘Do not think me beaten…’ he said through obvious gasps of pain ‘I… cannot fail’ I looked at him almost pitifully ‘Don’t-‘He ignored me and charged at me again, only this time I easily countered the desperate advance with a swift sidestep and a brutal kick to the side which sent the knight sprawling to the floor, blood spraying from his wound like a rampant water hose.
    Somehow, he rose again and telegraphed a last, fruitless swing towards me, I aimed my sword as he charged, time slowed to a near standstill and I saw the perfect angle in which to strike. He steadily grew closer and I didn’t move an inch. His sword came in a wild swing, and I watched it descend towards me in a flurry of movement.

    Completely different from the controlled, concise angle before, It was erratic, unfocused, an act of pure desperation, I could not see his eyes but I knew as I stared into the dark frame that he wore I could see he was tired. To kill him now would be but a mercy, and so I let him swing, because all in that moment I knew I had already won.

    I moved in an instant, acting with deadly precision as I ruthlessly aimed my sword towards him, once again sidestepping his last-ditch attempt at killing me. I cut in one smooth motion, severing his outstretched arm and flinging his sword into the nearby wall. Blood spurted from his arm in a torrent of red and he made no sound, his legs began to flounder as the realisation had set in, He was defeated but I wasn’t done. I spun my sword back around and turned my back as the blade turned to face his now bare torso. I twisted the blade in my hand backwards into a thrusting motion as his body began to fall, impaling him to the hilt for only a mere few seconds before savagely ripping it out and allowing his body to fall to the ground in a puddle of his own blood. Time sped back up to normal as he clattered to the ground like a wet sponge, I saw a cloth on one of the ruined pews that littered the room and used it to clean my sword before sheathing it. ‘You… are worthy’ a raspy voice sounded from the fallen knight, His last words? ‘You have fought well, Now rest’ I replied solemnly.

    I turned to his sword, still in the wall and with a few strides I came up to it and wrenched it out of the rotten stone. I then went down to a crouch and laid the sword in the knight’s remaining hand and he nodded in response. Resting his head on the hilt he cradled the sword and went still.
    Tell me what you guys think and let me know what you wish to be immortalised as.

    Until then, Don’t forget to LT ;)

    Edit: Characters are as follows
    b00ger Knight - The Nameless Knight of b00gervale - The last known warrior of a race wiped out by the The Grimm Legion, He has no name, Only Vengeance.
    SP4C3 CAK3 - King Maul’ric of CakeSpacia (The land of SP4C3 C4K3) - The King of a hilarious world and master with his giant hammer. Step into the ring…
    General Firefly - The Trickster Firefly - ‘laugh’ A god who pleasures in hurling animals into castles for pure amusement.
    Somervillage - Lord William ‘Willy’ LongDick LXIX of Pen Island - The 69th king in the line of long dicks. He’ll die soon. fys
    AK Kauser - Duke Kauser - The duke of a land filled with many lords, kings and barons which are all under the same banner known as ‘The Syndicate of Sitting Down’
    Naleaus - Oruenas - A mercenary from an unknown land, He has travelled long and far to meet one who could be his equal in combat.
    HalfdanTheBl4ck - King Andrew of Barufell - A Viking king forged in battle, a good friend and ally of Maul’ric
    SDS NewageKnight - High King Logan of the New Age - The High King of the lands populated by the large army known as ‘Syndicate of Sitting Down’
    YounderTrout951 - The Sea Viking - A deep sea warrior under the service of King Andrew, he has come ashore to lend his expertise and skill to help combat the dark
    Zer0x593 - Sir Marek Feria - A assassin from the Dark Continent.
    ll SYN ll THESIS - Sir Duckington - A skilled warrior in the army of the Hammer Knights, although a little over-confident.
    X Floki X - Keelanus - Second in command to King Andrew, he doesn’t mess about.
    Charon of the Styx - Mr Grimm - A Knight who is proficient with his many, many swords. He’s also really miserable, probably needs a hug.
    TheKnightofIsla - Isla - A woman well sought after, and she knows it.
    Jake Bennie - Jacques Bennie / Orikz - A former knight corrupted by the darkness.
    moleyrobinson - Sir Robinson - A knight once belonging to the Syndicate, but mysteriously disappeared in battle.
    TGL Error- Erzor - Grand Champion of The Grimm Legion and an extremely powerful warrior in his own right, but also very unstable and prone to outbursts.
    Crazy Ghost - Lord Ghosste - King of the Dark Continent and Leader of the Grimm Legion, He is surprisingly uncorrupted by the curse but strives to cure his people and will go to any length to do so.

  • Did somebody say Villain?

  • C4KE approves of this thread. 'Tis an excellent idea, M’lord. It’ll help take everyone’s eyes off the salt of the community.

  • @General-Firefly said in A Tale of Chivalry.:

    Did somebody say Villain?

    Every character in my story will have their name changed slightly to fit the scene. So for example;

    b00ger Knight - The Nameless Knight of b00gervale
    SP4C3 CAK3 - The Maul King of CakeSpacia (The land of SP4C3 C4K3)
    General Firefly - The Dark Lord Firefly

    and so forth.

  • Somer- daddylongdick69

  • @Somervillage said in A Tale of Chivalry.:

    Somer- daddylongdick69

    No, the only way I have you called that is if we kill you off in like the first chapter, you’ll be the sean bean of my story ;)

  • @b00ger-Knight daddylongdick69 approves

  • @Somervillage said in A Tale of Chivalry.:

    @b00ger-Knight daddylongdick69 approves

    Can we change it to Father Long Dick the 69th? xD

  • Just an editorial comment, you have a lot of sentences that should be split into different sentences or possibly use a semicolon instead of being joined together with a comma.

    For instance, the first sentence is

    *I changed my stance and gripped my sword with both hands all the while the knight continued his attack, I parried the blow with an upwards block.

    The last part is a full sentence by itself. A semicolon would be used, or make another sentence and flesh the latter part out more. Something like:

    I repositioned, feet set apart and sword gripped tightly with both hands as the knight’s attack hissed through the air. I matched the blow with an upward parry that knocked the attack astray and rattled my arms with its ferocity.

  • @Naleaus

    Thanks, in my defence it is just a hobby but I will take your advice on board.

    I don’t really know you well but would you like a role in this epic ballad as a noble hero or a despicable bastard villain? Or maybe something in between?

  • @b00ger-Knight plz add me.

    Duke Kauser plz

  • @b00ger-Knight
    I’d be a random name from another country you don’t see in the story, but who gets made out to be a strong warrior. I go by Oruenas on PSN, which sounds slightly more medieval.

    Also, time depending, I could probably proofread and offer suggestions.

  • @AK

    Done, i’m thinking that maybe this whole story will be like how we all came to be ‘kings of our own domain’ we shall see.

  • @b00ger-Knight said in A Tale of Chivalry.:


    Done, i’m thinking that maybe this whole story will be like how we all came to be ‘kings of our own domain’ we shall see.

    Have fun with it

  • @AK

    Soon as I get more and more confirmed characters, I can create a good tale for us all.

    I already have a good direction to head in.

  • @b00ger-Knight Can Error be a ballerina? ;) xD

  • @b00ger-Knight Great idea. I want in! Name me however you please :)

  • @C4KE-from-SP4C3

    As much as I am tempted to make him look silly, I have greater plans for Mr tiggl Error himself. ;)
    Stay Tuned.

  • What about me!?!?!? Lol

  • @SDS-NewAgeKnight Just post what you wish to be in this extraordinary tale. :)

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