Additional Keybind Options

  • Movement keybinds need to be added to the in game Key bind menu. Currently the arrow keys are a UDK engine default enabled and there is no way to disable or rebind them that I am aware of in the menu or INI file.

    So for example: i have a programmable Nostromo N52 that is sort the left side of a keyboard with a D-pad.

    The d-pad mirrors the arrow keys by default and even though I can rebind them to a different keys, there should be a way in game, like Chiv to edit the movement keybinds. In Chiv I simply removed them then rebinded my D-pad to UP=parry, Down= Alt swing, Left=main weapon, Right=Swing. When I mirrored this in Mirage my UP = parry, it also turns at the same time due to the default movement binds.

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