Game/Class Analysis, Mod and Uber. #1 24/08/16

  • Beginners experience. (2 hours)

    First off this is our personal experience with the game so far so we may be wrong on certain things, feel free to correct anything we have misinterpreted. Don’t take things we say to heart.


    • Access to the console is prohibited for some players as discovered by mod on a non-english keyboard even when switching language modes and using a UK keyboard.

    • Their should be cool downs between using skills as it can abit of a mess atm. (2 seconds for example)

    • Perhaps a damage indicator in the console like in chivalry. So far without damage indication except the health bar, it’s usually 3 hits to kill and this maybe could be reduced to 4 hits for heavy and 2 for low.
      -War cry is too spammable

    • Melee animations for attacking have been sorely neglected.


    • The stab is maybe too fast and goes through blocks. (All weapon variants)
    • The spin can be slightly manipulated.
    • The ‘leap slam’ could have more impact range.
    • The overhead is inconsistent with speeds.


    • Useless 1v1, not much can be done to save yourself apart from teleport if it isn’t on cooldown which is too long.
    • Potential in team fights but yet to simulate it.
    • Cooldown when hitting opponents with the normal attack. ( Suggestion ).


    • Left hand stab is extremely fast, maybe this is intentional.
    • Blade wip is very hard to hit unless enemy walks in a straight line. Effective in close range.
    • Hard to surprise opponent with blade slash.
    • Shadow Kick is unreadable as a animation.
    • Pounce - decrease cooldown maybe.


    • Strong duelist as designed.
    • Some animations hard to read at close range. ( Ward strike and Surge ).
    • Overhead combos are somewhat strange.


    • Mines should have an area designation and timer ( for user ) .
    • ‘Foil’ Skin stab is difficult to interpret.
    • Dervish easily blockable. (more range for stab?)


    • Timing is short.
    • Seems like mostly objective based gameplay.
    • Comfortable spacing.

    Thank you for reading :)

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