Feedback regarding the current abilities. (Alpha Build #8)

  • Taurant


    • Gameplay: If you attack someone and they use shove you can still parry it, which is a good thing. I feel it’s lacking however, and is quite a boring ability that feels more like a must have atm.
    • Graphics: Lacking severly. I’d like to see an ethereal effect similar to what the vypress has, but instead of a snake shape, it could be a bull shape.

    Explosive Punch:

    • Gameplay: It’s almost impossible to land, but when you do there’s a nice punch behind it.
    • Graphics: Slightly lacking, though not too shabby, I really like the rock particle effects, the orange mess could use some work though.
    • Suggestions: I would like to see some increased range on the attack, as I think it’s a bit too underwhelming right now. I’d suggest an ethereal fist being added on as an effect as well, making it feel more impactful - Picture below. There’s also really nothing happening when it hits, like with several other abilities, an explosion wouldn’t be too bad, and some sound giving feedback that it’s actually magic being used.

    alt text

    Boulder Toss:

    • Gameplay: It’s okay at best, it’s slow but is quite devastating when it hits, seems best to use at enemies who are occupied with fighting other people.
    • Suggestions: Make it possible to deflect it. A couple of days ago, I parried a boulder, it hit the wall behind me and then bounced into me. if it would be reflected like all other projectiles it would’ve never happened.

    Gameplay: No major issues with it. It does seem to be quite fast to combo after other attacks or abilities. Especially after a leap slam it seems to come out way too fast.
    Suggestion: Could be cool if it could reflect projectiles, though it may not be necessary.


    • Gameplay: Now that leap slam can be canceled it feels a bit underwhelming, both in damage and movement.
    • Graphics: An ethereal bull effect around the taurant wouldn’t look too shabby - Similar to Vypress.
    • Suggestion: I like Gauntlet’s idea of being able to pin people who don’t parry it, causing extra damage to them if you hit an obstacle, like a wall or a pillar.

    Leap Slam:

    • Gameplay: I really like the state the ability is in right now, it’s not as rng to parry as it has been rpeviously. The new “out of damage range knockback” is awesome. Being able to cancel the slam part of the ability allows for more movement, which is nice.


    Piercing Shot:

    • Gameplay: It’s an okay attack, but as of right now there’s no reason to pick it instead of the shorter cooldown phoenix.
    • Graphics: I’m liking the new graphic of it, though I hate javelins in chiv, it looks far better.
    • Suggestion: Make it pierce barriers, aka Iron Dome, Held Shield, Barrier.


    • Gameplay: It seems like a fair ability with a decent cooldown. The fact that you can throw the egg, shot off a fireball or two, and then unleash the phoenix is a bit strange, but I assime that’s because I’m still not entirely used to parry projectiles.
    • Suggestion: It feels very unrewarding when you hit someone, as with most abilities. I think it would be interesting to have it set someone on fire, though not dealing DOT; especially when someone dies to it, as it looks quite derpy otherwise.

    Chaos Orb:

    • Gameplay: It’s an okay spell, that’s probably best to use in close quarters, though it’s slow and quite easy to parry.
    • Suggestions: I think it would be better off having a secondary AOE like disperse and Leapslam where it pushes back enemies.
      I also think it needs a similar graphical effect on the opponent as I suggested for the Phoenix, when hitting and the enemy saying “aouch” is a bit meh.


    • Gameplay: It feels a bit too short, I’d prefer it to have a slightly longer distance, perhaps tied to how long you hold it down, meaning you could teleport really far if you hold it down for longer periods of time, as it leaves you wide open for enemy attacks.


    • Gameplay: It’s okay at best, it doesn’t really feel like that good of an ability due to the slow speed while using it compared to the carpet.
    • Suggestions: Have it on a set distance above the ground at all times. If I for example use levitate and go up some stairs, it’d be nice to have the character always levitate on the same height - a few meters up into the air - instead of suddenly levitating 5cm above the ground.


    Dash Attack:

    • Gameplay: It’s completely fine, really well balanced.

    Dash Kick:
    *Gameplay: The cooldown is 5 seconds longer than Dash Attack, and Dash Attack can be used to avoid feints or attacks. I think that a slightly shorter cooldown could help bring this up on par.


    • Gameplay: I think the recovery time after a throw is a bit too long as it’s close to impossible to re-reflect it if you throw it at a medium range.

    Blade Whip:

    • Gameplay: Cooldown feels a bit too long compared to the Chakram, you get all 3 chakrams in 21 seconds, and the cooldown time for the Bladewhip is 30 seconds. I think it needs a slightly shorter cooldown to be able to compete with the Chakrams.



    Ward Strike:

    • Gameplay: It’s a neat ability.
    • Suggestion: I think it would be interesting if it actually parried attacks even during windup, just to have it be a bit more gimmicky.

    Shield Bash:

    • Gameplay: Same as the taurant shove really, it’s fine, and quite boring - though it fits better than shove does on taurant.
    • Graphics: I really like how the crystals appear in random patterns each time the ability is used.


    • Gameplay: I would like some more movement during the attack, similar to how you can turn around while leapslamming - it’s very easy to avoid.
    • Graphics: The crystals are looking sick.


    • Gameplay: The fact that it reflects projectiles is really neat. The way it disappears when it reaches max distance however… disappointing.
    • Suggestion: I don’t think it should be on the current ability branch, It would be far better to have to chose between surge or ward strike instead.
      The way the projectile jsut disappears without any graphical note to it looks… weird. It could use some improvements as just disappearing looks really strange, for example it could shatter into a thousand pieces.

    Iron Dome:

    • Gameplay: It feels fine, though I would like the knockback to launch enemies slightly further than it currently is. I’m also not a fan of breaking an iron dome with an iron dome of your own, that feels a bit strange.


    Grappling Hook:

    • Gameplay: It feels a lot easier to react to it right now, and it seems to be in a somewhat good spot.
    • Graphics: The rope is looking really neat, and the particle effects as well.


    • Gameplay: They’re not in the best state right now. The cooldown is fine and the same goes for being able to stack 2 in the ability bar.
    • Graphics: The new graphics look amazing.
    • Suggestions: I think that the mines would be better off with a cap on the amount you can place instead of a timebased system; having a cap of 3 mines that can be placed at one time would be optimal. Only way for them to disappear should be if they’re destroyed, triggered, or a 4th mine is spawned.
      The projectile feels a bit too slow and the distance thrown is a bit short. I think it should at the very least have twice the travel-length. The projectile could also cause a flinch, though no damage as you throw it, right now it just phases through the enemy; though this might be a good thing as you wouldn’t throw a mine when you’re in a tough spot.



    • Gameplay: The skill feels a bit lacking, in damage, distance, and cooldown.
    • Suggestions: I believe having slightly more range on the ability would be optimal, right now you can run up to someone and stab them faster.


    • Gameplay: I do miss the old double jump - should perhaps be a third ability for her? - but I feel that this new ability is working really well.



    • Gameplay: It’s quite a neat attack that can be used to throw enemies off guard if they’re in an enclosed space. Cooldown and amount of shots seem fine.


    • Gameplay: It looks funny with the belly bounce, but honestly, I don’t know, maybe have it fire off a projectile?

    Healing Nade:

    • Gameplay, seems to be quite fair, I assume it heals 30?

    Healing Well:

    • Gameplay: It works, but I could see it with some improvements. The issue with the well still occrus, If I stand on a high ground and spawn it, it will spawn on the low ground, instead of right in front of me and falling down.
    • Graphics: The new graphics look really neat!
    • Suggestions: Instead of having it do the really quick 2 -3 bursts I would suggest slower bursts over time; 10hp every burst, each burst occurs every 2 seconds, lasting for 12 seconds.
      The well itself should have really low hp, meaning even a love tap from Tinker backflip would kill it.
      The potential to heal 60hp might sound OP, but it would take 12 seconds to do so, and the enemy can destroy the well meaning it only manages one or two bursts.



    • Gameplay: It feels a lot smoother now and seems to be useful.


    • Gameplay: Probably the #1 ability in game, I really enjoy using it.
    • Graphics: Not a fan of the ward strike that’s shot out - I assume it’s jsut a placeholder - But I could see something similar to the old alchemancer firepunch particles, or some steam instead, indicating that he’s propelling himself backwards.
    • Suggestion: Slightly longer distance - half a meter would be enough - so you can easily use it while looking down and jump above enemy attacks.

  • Love the suggestion on explosive punch. Definitely needs something because atm it feels underwhelming.

  • Developer

    @Xylvion said in Feedback regarding the current abilities. (Alpha Build #8):

    • Suggestions: I would like to see some increased range on the attack, as I think it’s a bit too underwhelming right now. I’d suggest an ethereal fist being added on as an effect as well, making it feel more impactful - Picture below. There’s also really nothing happening when it hits, like with several other abilities, an explosion wouldn’t be too bad, and some sound giving feedback that it’s actually magic being used.

    alt text


    • Gameplay: It looks funny with the belly bounce, but honestly, I don’t know, maybe have it fire off a projectile?

    Ethereal belly bounce, sick!

    seriously appreciate all the notes though, it’s very helpful.

    What specifically makes Blast one of your favorite abilities right now? Asking because we’re testing an alternative next build, I haven’t been too happy with it for a while now.

  • @Vesros I just find it hillarious to use, you get thrown back more or less instantly, I really like movement abilities as a whole as I find them far more interesting than attacking abilities; unlike attacking abilities I can use them both for attacks and as a means to get away. Blast in particular is really funny as you can just aim downwards and fly into the air avoiding enemy attacks. If you use godmode and spam blast - while walking forward - and turn slightly left/right it seems as if you’re dancing too, which is dank.

    I think the main reason it is my favourite ability right now is the fact that “Backflip” was my favourite when it functioned as a much higher jump/double jump and blast can be used in a similar manner.

    I’m still curious to see the alternative to it though.

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