SoE official clan thread

  • Im tastiercornet3 leader of SoE
    Its still brittle now but here are some details it probably takes a month before everything is done:
    Im looking for 10 people
    Preferebly english speaking
    Rank 30 or higher
    Im not sure if i will aquire a emblem

    No racism
    Respect each other
    Members who have problems with each other report to me

    And just some words
    Its for fun gameplay but also serious, so if you want to join think GOOD I dont want people to join and then leave in a week so think twice please,
    You are not bound to the game and free to do whatever you want but we will have training and parties sometimes

    I think thats about it if you have question or interest to join message me on xbox :)

  • I don’t wanna be picky but call the the Title of this thread something like “SoE Offical Clan Thread” and not “Start up”. It’s easier for people to find your clan if they know what thread that is yours:)

  • @CrazyZxZGhost thanks !

  • @SoE-Aquarius I’m adding your clan to a special chart I made to show clan member numbers if this is ok with you ^^

  • @Vizzle uhm yeah sure :)

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