Mirage at PAX West September 2 - 5

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    Mirage: Arcane Warfare will be playable at PAX West, with two exclusive new maps available to try out!

    Try Mirage on one of 24 gaming PCs located in booth #2521, at the Washington State Convention Center, September 2 - 5.

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    Players will also be able to try out new spells and moves from a select group of classes that will be found in the final game.

    Experience two never-before-seen maps:

    ā— Bazaar - A colorful market district played in Team Objective Mode where players capture points in order to clear a path for their pushable magic vessel
    ā— Sunken City - The ruins of a city destroyed by powerful magic, played as a Point Capture map

    Sign up for the Mirage Closed Alpha, coming later in September.

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