Disconnect issue or something similar after class selection

  • Went over this issue recently and Reithur on steam told me to do this but the game started working properly again for a short time.
    Basically when i join a game all is well, sometimes the server message never shows up though however when i get to character selection and choose a class it seems to disconnect me from the server. the game doesnt crash and i stay in the server myself but all people in there either freeze or run in a straight line as they were at the time of everything going wrong.

    i will attach my DxDiag and launch.log file to this post.

    Deadliest Warrior works perfectly, never had a problem there but Medieval Warfare just wont go. had about 2 weeks where it was working for me recently since i commented on a steam forum about this and thought all was well but alas…

    i can choose weapons and class but as soon as i choose class and the window disappears the game will screw up and if it says “spawning in x seconds” i will not spawn, if it says “waiting for next round” the timer can reach zero and then will stay as it is with the timer disappeared. occasionally i get to spawn if its an immediate spawn game mode such as team objective only for it to disconnect seconds later and have me aimlessly running around the map unable to kill anything or even sprint. all other player functions besides sprinting and interacting with waypoints work i think and i havent tried chat but ill shoot an arrow into someones head and their helmet will fly off but theyll be unharmed.

    this is an amazing game which i have loved since i first played it on my friends computer and its really sad that it wont work for me. please try help as soon as possible so i can go out and kill for the glory of agatha! ty torn banner

    [0_1472548578891_DxDiag.txt](Uploading 100%)
    [0_1472548783602_Launch.log](Uploading 100%)

  • @Birdman Thank you for coming to the forum.

    You’ll need to repost your files; they didn’t attach to the post properly.

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