Appointing server admins?

  • I am new to running a UDK server, and I am curious as how to handle giving people admin to my server. Do I just give them the server password? I want to give admin to people I don’t personally know. Is there anyway to give users admin without giving them full control of the server? Just the ability to kick/ban/change map?

    I ran a counter-strike server for some time, and giving out the main server password (RCON) was not secure. It can cause a lot of problems.

    For instance if I give all the admins the one and only server password, and one of them abuses their powers, I would have to change the password and then give it out again to each admin.

    In counterstrike adminship was tied to a steam ID. This prevented a password from being given out (to friends), and also was a way track what each admin is doing, along with other things.

    tl:dr… Do I have just give out my server password if I want admins, or is there a better way?

  • Currently you can only give out the AdminPassword. Sorry!

  • ^^ that, however i would like to see you devs work on a webadmin page so we can access admin while out of game. One similar to killing floor would be nice.

  • Webadmin, especially the one like in Killing Floor, blows chunks! It would be much better if they were to implement a proper working rcon, that should have been functional at games release, instead. One like Homefront for example, so I can set up a B3 bot to control the server.

    Devs dropped the ball here.

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