• Sorry that the video starts out awkwardly, I forgot to give an intro.

    This video is just meant to highlight the remaining issues with melee. I think videos like these are good reference points. Often, because of the pace of the game, it’s hard to figure out exactly what happened, so being able to look back is a great help in figuring things out.

    You can hear me talking throughout at moments, I usually just speak based off of what I’m thinking in my head at that moment to give you perspective.

    Hopefully this video can also validate some of the claims made by players. Instead of me just saying “attacks seem to go through parries, fix pls”, I can reference this video and look at clips where parries clearly aren’t working.

    This video can also serve the purpose of showing the current state of the game. I actually had roughly an hour of footage, but I edited out a lot of the duels that went well with no problems. I would say for the majority of the time, things were great.

    Originally I had wanted to focus on shitty animations, but I ended up just compiling a bunch things, not necessarily related to animations.

    I know you guys are constantly updating and making the game better, and I know you are going to work on animations, so this is really just a reference video on what needs to be worked on.

    Fart Sniffer will be uploading his perspective soon. I think seeing it from his eyes will also be helpful.

  • @wizardish Awesome work, shows exactly what it’s like to try and parry lookdown ripostes in Mirage and some of the strangeness relating to stabs hitting far too early. This extends to every class to some degree, entropist lookdowns are just as silly in terms of speed.

    I hope you can find a solution without playing with windup times, because with a minimum windup time of .45 most attacks feel slow to the user, but somehow to the defender are faster than a norse sword from Chiv (.4 min windup).

  • @wizardish great video, however your mic audio is quite hard to hear as the in game audio overpowers your voice a lot of the time.

    Entropist is by far the worst class to play against right now, the stab ripostes go through most of the time, Vigilist overhead is a problem, vypress stab is a problem. As of right now tinker seems to be the most stable class, even though her overhead and stab also do wonky stuff at times.

    Before the parrybox was changed I can’t remember attacks going through parry, after it did both Gauntlet and I started mentioning it in our feedback threads and people we had playtests with also started noticing it. I would appreciate @Vesros explain exactly what changed in regards to parry, because this is a bit ridicolous.

    Edit: The issues were introduced in build 52101 iirc.

  • @Xylvion Yeah, I had only realized how fucked the audio was after I was done recording, will fix it in the future.

    I would have demonstrated the Entropist because I fully agree with what you said, but it’s locked.

    I didn’t include Tinker also because of what you said. I feel like her melee is probably the best right now. I believe she still has moments where her attacks go through parries, and I believe some of her ripostes are nasty, but overall, compared to other classes, I think the Tinker has the best melee.

  • @wizardish
    You can always … * Cough * switchclass 5 * Cough *

  • @Xylvion Didn’t know that command ;-;

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