Feedback from the PAX West Demo

  • Hey Tornbanner!

    I just wanted to say thanks for having Mirage playable at PAX and offer some feedback. I played Mirage three times throughout the weekend which to me says that it was overall a fun experience. The melee was definitely Chivalry combat which is a very good thing, and the magic attacks were well balanced and fun. The only down side I had, which is a pretty big one, is the player movement speed. At times it was painstakingly slow. The side strafing was the so slow I couldn’t tell if it was even affecting my trajectory when moving forward and hitting left or right at the same time. It made running back to the battle after dying incredibly annoying. Once I’d get back to the combat it would be super fun again, but man, something needs to be adjusted with the movement. I’m loving the direction you’re heading with this. Just wanted to provide that feedback.


  • @StarBarf Did different classes have different movement speeds?

  • Developer


    Thanks for the feedback Star. Hopefully you had a chance to talk about the game with some of our guys on the floor.
    As you know we’re still in development and are looking forward to lots of tuning based on feedback in the upcoming alpha/beta testing.

    Glad you enjoyed it!

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