Server browser ping issues

  • Hey all,

    Recently setup a Chiv dedicated server on my dedicated box. In the steam server list it shows up as 50 ping (like all the other servers that run on the box) but in game its showing up as ~350ping. Any ideas?

    Sorry if this is a known bug

  • The ping in-game usually takes into consideration how well the game is running.
    If you login as an admin and type showdebug in the console in the top left, you can see the server ms and that number is probably pretty high.

  • Was wondering if the game allowed the creation of servers and connection trough direct IPs like perhaps Dark Messiah: Might & Magic or M&B:Warband, any chance?

    If anything is not clear just ask, it will be deeply appreciated if somebody can come up with an answer! viewtopic.php?f=72&t=3286&p=44470#p44470

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