Tournament information.

  • Hello, everyone.

    Registration for the tournament will be officially closed tomorrow, so we can keep all of the inquires on this thread. I’ll post the official brackets on this thread, along with the rules, and dates.

    Official Starting Date: Saturday, 10-1, 2PM est.

    Rules: 2 versus 2 Last-Team-Standing, all out. Any class can be used, except archer. Projectiles will not be allowed(no throwing axes, throwing knives, and no archer, obviously), except for smoke pots, but only Roffle would use them, so it’s not that big of a deal. Cross-region matches will be played on both servers, if and only if, the teams are purely NA vs EU. If applicable, the majority of the players’ servers will be chosen(for instance, if a team has two NA players, and another team has one NA player, and one EU player, then NA server will be chosen). If there is a half-and-half situation, then a probability system will be used to decide what server is played(coin flip, number generator, or whatever).

    How it will start: I will invite all the players from both teams to the match, and I will message a player from both teams telling them to spawn in. After the match is over, I’ll try to keep track of who the last person to join was, so that the matches flow easier, or if I forget, I’ll just recreate the match and repeate the process.

    I’m going to post the bracket here, but please for my signal to spawn in, just so it’s all synced. It doesn’t matter what team you choose(Agatha or Mason). You can also be in your own party while this is happening, just so we all don’t have to be in a huge party together. My party will be open, in case you have any questions.

    Also, every team is responsible for understanding the basic rules and complying with them, the times and dates, and for accepting my invites. If your team is not in the match at least 5 minutes after I send the invite, and I haven’t heard from your team(I get it, sometimes you just have to go), your team will be eliminated. If you have a good reason, and will be back in a reasonable time, your match will be skipped, in order to keep the flow going, and will be returned to after.

    If an axe is thrown, but it doesn’t hit, I won’t issue a DQ, but if it does hit, the team who threw it will be eliminated. No question. To prevent exploiting this system, I will know who is trying to dodge an axe, opposed to someone trying to get hit in order to get a free win. If this occurs, the DQ won’t happen and the match will continue. This shouldn’t be an issue, so hopefully it doesn’t come to that. But there should be a policy in place, just in case.


    My Twitch: a_bloody_knight. Feel free to follow my channel so you don’t have to look for it and miss some of the action when it immediately starts.

    One more note, please don’t complain about the rules after the tournament is over. I’ve given plenty of time for players to provide feedback on rules, and I’m pretty chill about them, so if there is something you don’t agree with, don’t be that guy who waits to complain. Tell me now, and we’ll get a group discussion going.

    :) With all this being said, good luck, everyone.

  • @Akemi-Homura no archer, Projectiles, Fire bombs… I’d say smoke bombs should be allowed and shields should be allowed. Only My opinion. :)

  • K nice too know this. Yea no throwables

  • Good ish, I can’t wait!!! :)

  • Updated the OP. Be sure to read!

  • God dammit, it starts just when Mount and Blade Warband and the For Honor Alpha test is happening xD

  • @CrazyZxZGhost would the 17th be better, then?

  • @Akemi-Homura I don’t know man. I know a lot of people are excited for Mount and Blade coming to console. I can try to ask around and see if my clan members still wanna participate even though it’s happening the 16th:)

  • @CrazyZxZGhost I can always push it back a week. There’s no rush.

  • @Akemi-Homura If we can push it to the 23th September, then that would really help. I asked around and 3 people already said they aren’t sure if they wanna participate if it happened the 16th so i think it’s best if we push it back to the 23th:)

  • @CrazyZxZGhost the 23rd is my birthday 😄

  • @CrazyZxZGhost alright, that will work. The 24th will be what we shoot for then.

  • @SDS-NewAgeKnight said in Tournament information.:

    @CrazyZxZGhost the 23rd is my birthday 😄

    Get rekt for being old

  • @Xylo :’( lol

  • UPDATE: Added the bracket link in the OP, but here it is.

  • We will be ready. When is the start date?

  • @Akemi-Homura where’s my team?

  • Wow duck is an asshole never told me he left and got a new partner come on put me on there to tho that’s not fair I signed up for the tournament awhile ago I’ll get a new partner fast can u still add me please. That got me mad I’m the one that told duck bout the tournament weeks ago then he just got a new partner without telling me shit so if I get a new partner by tomorrow can u add me also please