Problems with Javelin Archers.

  • First off, new here, Idk if this has been looked at or is just a feature but here I go.

    1. The time between throwing a javelin and recovering to be able to block is too slow, someone would a good 15 meters away from me and they would be able to get a hit in before I can recover to block. And most of the time, an archer can only take one hit.

    2. Javelins tend to disappear after I throw them, some are left so I can recover them, but if they are left to go they will disappear.

    3. I feel Archer should be given a speed bonus as to cope with having practically no Armour and getting one hit by the Majority of the enemy team.

  • I would have to disagree with you and say that the Archer Javelin load-out is fine. You should take this to account that IF you attempt to perfom a risky move such as “Shotgunning” ( That means you get as close as possible to the enemy then fire at him, as you got nearly 99% accuracy from doing so) However, should you by any chance not kill him or miss, then you are pretty much screwed. Try to pick out your targets on medium distance, then you should have enough time to recover for a fight.

    Archers already have the advantage of having the best ranged / projectiles in the game, they are meant for picking out targets at distance, they are with other words a support class really.

    • Can’t block while reloading
    • Can’t turn while reloading/takes too long to enable turning and aiming
    • Should only be slower than Man-at-arms (imo)
    • Javelin into head and torso should kill

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