Please unlock "TGL OFFICIAL CLAN THREAD" @Reithur

  • Hello @Reithur please unlock my clan thread. I just woke up to my thread being locked because a bunch of people were trashtalking each other in it. It’s a clan thread with no controversy so please unlock it.

  • Aye. Unlock the topic.

  • Deleted a bunch of comments and unlocked it. Lets not have a repeat of that scene, please.

  • @Reithur Thank you, but it wasn’t my fault. I only use the thread to update my clan mates and my fellow competitive chivalry players. I didn’t start any of the salt on the thread.

  • @CrazyZxZGhost My comment was directed at everyone involved in the incident, not you specifically.

  • @Reithur Ah okay I understand. I was also kinda confused xD

  • Banned

    @Reithur oops :(

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