Syndicate [SYN] Official Thread

  • Syndicate [SYN]
    Est - Aug 2016

    • Full of veterans
    • Council with most credentials in the game
    • Currently recruiting veterans and new players alike
    • Willing to train newer players
    • Practices throughout the week
    • Weekly clan wars and scrimmages


    Record: 4-1
    Tournament Wins: 0

    Upcoming Events: -None-

    • Contact any council member for a war inquiry, scrimmages, joint practices, PUGs etc.

    • Currently we are only seeking wars with NA clans. Our EU team is not yet complete. Give us an inquiry and we will get back to you as soon as our EU team is completed.

                    Syndicate Council

    BigolBoozeHound - Council Member, Founder, Starter, North America

    I Kauser I - Council Member, Founder, Starter, North America

    VentralKillakem - Council Member, Starter, North America

    MoleyRobinson - Council Member, Founder, Starter, Europe

                    Syndicate North America

    ShiWongDi - Founder, Starter

    Massaassasin - Starter

    II Lancelot ll (Inactive) - Reserve

    Arkngthamz - Starter

    G3NGHISxKHAN (Inactive) - Reserve

    Xylophone556 - Reserve

    Winged Hussar7 - In training

    Epickillmaster - In training

    TheMelonBomber - In training

    SerSkellyMan - Reserve

    Black I Knight - Starter

    xKronic Twistx - In training

    Patriotize - Reserve

    BigEric Shen - In training

                     Syndicate Europe

    SYN Techno - Starter

    The Dank Toucan - Reserve

    Lord Kazmaier - Starter

    BuyingJester857 - Reserve

    0_1481466977955_images (4).jpg


    • We are currently recruiting new players and veterans alike
    • We may ask you to come to one of our practices or scrimmages so that we may observe your personality, skill, knowledge of the game, willingness to learn etc.


    • 15 Years of age or higher (exceptions can be made)
    • Microphone to communicate with us (exceptions can be made)
    • Loyalty to the clan
    • Open Minded about learning more about the game and it’s mechanics
    • Basic understanding of the game’s mechanics
    • Team Oriented
    • Follow orders without hesitation



    Do I need to be experienced to join?

    • No, as long as you are mature, cooperative and active then you will find us to be very welcoming.

    Do I have to show up to all practices or scrimmages?

    • Not necessarily, although it helps you get better and makes for a more tight knit team we understand that real life comes first. With that being said, Wars or tournaments are important for you to show up to but we can make exceptions for certain reasons.

    Will I fight in every war?

    • When you’re first starting out you probably won’t fight in that many wars. We must win them and wewill typically use our best 6-8 players. With that being said it is still important for you to show up and help out with warm-ups and in a tight situation we may need someone to go in that might not primarily fight in our wars. Do not let this discourage you, after every war we try to scrimmage someone else throughout the week.

    Will I fight in the scrimmage?

    • Yes, everyone Will get a chance to fight in our scrimmages. It gives us a chance to see how you are doing and howyou react in a war-like setting. If you are not a starter, try to show up to every scrimmage if possible. We may even have scrimmages on the days we practice as well if another team wants to do a PUG (Pick Up Game).

    Can I become a council member?

    • Council member seats are not just “given out”. You must show dedication and loyalty to Syndicate, be experienced at the game and be part of the team for a long while until you will be considered for a council seat.

    Do I have to use a specific class/weapon?

    • No, we want a diverse team full of a wide range of skill sets, however we may make recommendations if you are struggling with something. During tournaments there may be class or weapon restrictions as well though so please keep that in mind.

    How active is Syndicate?

    • We try to be as active as possible. We try to have wars every week. We hold practices throughout the week on Tuesday and Thursday at 6pm eastern. We might scrimmage another team if we don’t have a war that week or want a warm up match, etc.

  • Fan girls? XD are they really girls or wut that seems funny as hell

  • @CypressInstinx said in Syndicate [SYN] Clan Hub [OFFICIAL]:

    Fan girls? XD are they really girls or wut that seems funny as hell

    2shouldn’t be there. It’s vaders followers, I have no clue whothey are lol

  • Lol so they hail Vader and throw him gold and trophies

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