Alpha Build #9 - Release Notes

  • Developer

    First of all, thanks for the recent topics brought up by:

    Exile on tournament/competitive mode features
    Gauntlet on team damage
    Retsnom on Server admin controls
    Xylvion on all abilities

    And everyone else who jumped in on the discussions and provided general feedback on the last build.

    We’re preparing for the bigger alpha right now, gameplay wise this is pretty similar to what we’ll launch it with but we have many out of game features still in the works to make sure everything runs smoothly.

    Featured maps

    • Bazaar - Team Objective
    • Sunken City - Capture Point & Capture the flag modes
    • Falcon Ridge - Team Death Match
    • Courtyard - Pushable & Capture point modes

    Major changes

    • New stamina mechanics
      • removed damage bleed through
      • added ParryBroken state when you run out of stamina
    • When you break someones parry you enter a deflect state that is much quicker then the regular Blocked state allowing you to quickly follow up
    • adjusted all stamina cost values
    • Melee recoveries are now shorter if melee was successful
      • This is to help newer players get into the flow of combat as the long recovery can enable a quick class to get a hit in before a slower one if they don’t combo out of release
    • abilities now recharge while dead instead of pausing the cooldown


    • Parry box change
      • Parries will now happen at the expected range if you are aiming straight at the weapon (weapons will no longer go through the taurants weapon handle for example)
    • Melee knockbacks are now directional (target will be knocked in the direction of the swing)
    • Healing abilities now distribute healing from a pool so that a single target heal remains the same but a full team heal is much weaker
    • reduced Taurants health
    • cancel duration from 0.35 to 0.5s
    • various abilities are now interruptable by heavy and mighty damage
      • This means heavier abilities can take people out of any ability now
    • Tweaked animation timings for some primary and all secondary weapons
    • Tweaked riposte timings
    • FOV limits implemented, current limit is 120
    • reduced player collision cylinder size slightly
    • Queueing rule updates
      • If you notice anything different please let us know. These changes should only prevent occasional miss queues from happening
    • adjusted fall damage settings to be more lethal


    • Improved wall jumps
    • Fixed movement during many abilities getting stuck on teammates and objects in the world
    • Increased max sprint speed & reduced sprint bonus accel speed
      • This increases travel speed while keeping combat speed should be mostly the same
    • Seperated jumps for light/heavy classes
    • Vypress and tinker kept at current levels and all other classes slowed down.
    • Added time limit to loadout sprint bonus


    • Many new projectile interactions, more richochets and projectiles deflecting other projectiles
    • Healing totem moved from Vigilist to Entropist


    • Forcepush projectile push radius increased
      increased knockback of draggable and piercing shot
      In progress rework of alch main


    • reduced pounce cooldown
    • increased phase cooldown
    • death explosion now always life steals
    • Blade whip
      • slash, penetrates through multiple enemies
      • Stab, knockback, damage and speed increased
      • Overhead, speed increased


    • lowered grapple and stasis cooldown if the ability missed and increased its cooldown on a succesfull hit
    • backflip,
      • better movement and turn limits
      • seperate jump added if you look down while activating it
    • Grapplehook
      • Movement now scales based on the distance
      • Grapplehook now pulls you towards your target if you’re airborne on activation
    • Proximity mine
      • better behaviours setup for the initial projectile getting parried
      • Adjusted lob
      • increased lifespan
      • fixed bug where camera shake would play even if it was destroyed before the explosion
      • Can no longer be destroyed by your own team
      • Further updates to proxy mine visuals


    • added secondary explosion to explosive punch that pushes nearby targets away
    • Leapslam
      • added direction based movementand increased air control influence during windup
      • can now be cancelled


    • Moved belly bounce to F and added more movement functionality
      • added “bounce” movement if you look down while activating it
    • Added new beam ability for Q


    • New ability - Monolith
      • Spawn a giant object to close off paths
    • new ability: Explosive Leap
      • yup
    • Barrier (held shield)
      • Has the same capability to block major attack abilities like the iron dome
    • Surge
      • Reduced windup
      • 2 surges colliding will now properly cancel each other out
      • Surge can no longer be redirected
    • Ward strike
      • increased max distance
    • Iron dome
      • silences projectile abilities
      • Entering the dome while casting a projectile ability will cancel it
      • Major attack moves can no longer enter the dome, if attempted a knockback is applied and the ability cancelled
      • Entering the dome while casting a major attack ability will cancel it
    • Disperse
      • Increased damage
      • Increased damage effects radius
      • Fixed issue where disperse could land before the dive happens effectively cancelling the ability
      • fixed disperse not moving targets beneath you away when slamming down (made you bounce off of them)
      • fixed disperse particle not updating its position as the vigilist moves
      • fixed parrying disperse not applying a knockback
    • impaler
      • reworked the pull movement
      • if you are airborne you’ll get pulled towards the target


    • Riposte now plays the release grunt immediately
    • Many camera animation updates
    • New damage indicator and updated camera effects
    • Updated several ability icons
    • Added lifesteal particles
    • Fixed some abilities not enabling ragdolls properly
    • General ragdoll improvements
    • Many ability particle updates


    • Console whitelist
    • Added smooth spectator camera
      • EnableSmoothCameramode X - 1-6
      • Custom camera settings can be defined in config files
    • Added blinking!


    • New alchemancer ammo UI
    • new options menu [WIP]
    • new server browser [WIP]

    Bug fixes

    • Overcharged health depletion cannot be paused
    • Pounce now pulls towards the projectile instead of your aim
    • Fixed riposte desync
    • Fixed dash attack Fx staying on
    • Fixed melee anims/tracers getting offset from the crosshair when looking up/down
    • Fixed jerky feel of the final knockback from Charge
    • Fixed parryFx not aligning itself to the enemy
    • Fixed wardstrike ammo being taken too late causing an interrupt to not put it on cooldown
    • Fix draggable egg bug
    • Fixed grapplehook interaction issue with various movement abilities where it would cause them to fall to their death on hit
    • Fixed blockable iron dome effect

    Known issues

    • Combos don’t play swing grunts
    • significant desyncs can happen for the first 30s of a new round in round based gamemodes like CTF
    • Small hitches occur every now and then on our current servers

  • Taurant doesn’t play swing grunts either, even when just a regular attack.

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