Looking for a clan (GT Down iin the dm)

  • Recently left DOA you can see the post

    Looking for a clan, not too big, not too small but good enough to where people are active, and train their recruits (unlike DOA)

    I’m on everyday, if i’m not out with friends.

    level 24 on main (its hiiigh noon)

    willing to duel a member to prove my worth

    don’t have a mic

    Live in EU

    Hope to join one soon, or not

    anyways, thanks for your time. please consider me as your new member

    and i’ll see you on the battlefield 1

  • Banned

    @Harambe-Killer You’re welcome to run with my clan for a while to see if you’re happy with us.

  • @Harambe-Killer deff should join there clan they have really good players that will give you the training and attention that roffle diddnt. You will get a lot better and I’m not even in his clan but I’ll be happy to train you up also if your interested man let me know.

  • @epickillmaster I’d be happy to join

  • @DEADLySiNz Up to you, i’m on everyday so whenever you want

  • @Harambe-Killer dude I didn’t train you because you’re a little weirdo with no mic. Maybe if you talked or made an effort to play with us . Don’t bad name our clan when you’ve NEVER played with us. You asked me to add your * Third * account because you got comm banned again. You’re a douche.

  • Banned

    @Darth-Chivalry Roffle, he left, it’s over. Stop being salty about it.

  • @Darth-Chivalry i didnt play with because when i tried, youd blank me out. id ask time and time again in text chat invite invite etc
    but you told me to setup a private game FFA and invite everyone, no one joined, not even you! so i didnt bother
    waste of time anyways

  • @Harambe-Killer there’s a 10 person party and we are all talking an having fun. Don’t be mad because you’re the poor sport who doesn’t want to buy a mic and talk to his team. My friend Convects called you An idiot and you left the party . You’re either 10 years old or too broke to get a headset . I honestly havnt even had more than 2 fights with you. Who are you ? Lol I don’t even know you.

    Your name is Harambe killer. That tells me enough you little troll.

  • @Darth-Chivalry You’re fucking immature, i don’t have a mic, who cares?
    i left your clan because it’s messy and shit.
    get over it

  • @Harambe-Killer I care that you don’t have a mic. Maybe another clan is better for you . Our clan all talks and all communicates.

    so you come and post on the Forums to try and cause Drama? You could have messaged me and said you were leaving .

    Oh no let’s be the douche bag that I am and say no one trains in DOA and make them look bad .

    Go shoot another Gorilla because you lack at skills in this game called Chivalry .

    You’re not even on our top 15 so I’m NOT worried. We only need 8 for a war you probably would’ve never played . We have too many skilled players .

    Honestly tho who are you? Lol never played with u dude

  • @Darth-Chivalry roffle shut up dude so what if he doesn’t have a mic your the one that asked him to be in the clan if I’m not mistaking. He left cause he actually wants to learn how to play and get good at the game and not sit around while your clan does nothing at all. Like I said the people that actually wanna play competive are gonna leave your clan regardless which is exactly why treflip left. But you prob don’t gotta worry cause most of the guys u have don’t give a fuck bout the competitive play so you should be good.

  • @DEADLySiNz High Noon begged me to join actually. There’s been a few members who requested to join . He seemed like a nice guy but he keep telling me about all his Comm banns and then he made his Forum account Harambe Killer… So I’ve had my thoughts on how big of a troll this guy is…

    In conclusion…

    We are going to need a BIG bridge for him to crawl under.

    Judging by your HUGE hate filled posts towards me … My guess is You can go under that bridge with him … Trollolololol

    He deadly , If I am such a failure as a clan leader why don’t you do better? Oh wait you’ve tried 3 times now and failed 3 times.

    I’ve tried once and still havnt failed.

    Go make a clan right now instead of joining SDS. You know it will fall apart that’s why you’re scared :)

  • @Harambe-Killer send me your gamer tag man I’ll train you up make u a savage so u can go back and wreck roffle your self you can show him how bad he is at the game he been playing for over two years after I train you you will sky rocket past his level in no time.

    Send me a messege on Xbox and friend request me my gamer tag is(DEADLySiNz631)

  • @Darth-Chivalry I begged you?

    fuck ooooooooooooooooooff

  • @Harambe-Killer Ask TGL to join I hear they are recruiting EU Bridge Trolls specifically .

  • @DEADLySiNz Done, waiting for you

  • @Darth-Chivalry I can’t take you seriously with that childish mind of yours

  • @Harambe-Killer Okay Harambe killer . You’re more mature sorry I ever doubted you. The Great Harambe Killer Strikes again.

    Incognito Master Of Stealth

    The Bridge ducking , Children Eating, Harambsauraus is Roaming wild in the Lands of Chivalry.

    He is hungry

    He is mad

    He is… HARAMBE!!!

  • @Darth-Chivalry you are really immature bud

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