Mouse thinks its a smaller resolution

  • about 10 times in a row now i have tried to start up the game and play but after a few minutes the mouse seems to think its a smaller resolution, and even though i can see the rest of the screen, my mouse can only move in the top left 1/4 of the screen. so i cant even click on the text to get into the games, and sometimes it will happen after 1 round, and i wont be able to start the next round so i have to control alt delete and end task to get out of the game

    not really sure how else i can describe it, but i played the game for hours earlier without this happening.

    not sure if its a reported bug either but its causing unplayability so id say its pretty important.

  • at least i found a temporary solution, i have to alt tab after every round, then it will allow me to start the next round

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