Sell your favorite weapon.

  • @No-Home-Planet are you a fagot? Do you like being a fagot? Is being a fagot something that applies to you? Come on down to fagot Ron’s messer emporium, we got all the stuff to start your journey to liking penis. Bad at the game? Get a messer. You and the rt button have a sexual relationship? Grab a messer. Do you like running in circles like a fagot? Grab a messer. Any occasion, any messer, we got valentines day messer so you can shove that skilless weapon straight up your ass. We got saint patricks day messer, cause we all know your kills are nothing but luck. We got christmas messers, cause you were so shit this year santa felt bad. We got tons a messers here so come on down…Fagot Ron’s messer emporium, what are you waiting for? Come be a fagot today.

    Call 1-800-Sukballs or come down to faggot ron’s emporium at 46 trashplayer lane

    WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Become a fagot today

    Fagot Ron is not responsible if you decide to switch weapons and become good at the game at any point.

  • Ill be making more

  • And reithur i am not calling home planet a faggot nor directing this at anyone at all

  • @Capn-Clinch love it

  • My contribution:
    Wanna be a winner? Fuck yea ya do. So go ahead and call 1-800-whogivesaphuc and we’ll send you an entire 12 person enemy team.
    “But wait? Where’s the weapon?” You ask.
    All 12 opponents have one chosen at random. All you have to do is stand there and watch em kill each other! You don’t even need a weapon when just 1 of those turds on the other team starts swinging on his m8s. Watch the gore from a distance then swoop in like the vulture you are. BAM 3 kills. Courtesy of the enemy team.
    Not responsible for any damge caused by said turd switching teams.

  • @Capn-Clinch
    Yo, it doesn’t matter if you’re calling anyone that or not. The word itself isn’t allowed, so it’ll get deleted.

  • @Naleaus bummer well at least it was fun

  • @Capn-Clinch
    Gotta be more creative. Something like…


    With our state of the art Fire Pot™, we guarantee your fagots will light faster and burn longer.

  • @Naleaus one g less works?

  • Oh lol true said

  • @Capn-Clinch
    Click the link. I’m hoping semantics save me. Cause fire pots would do exactly as advertised.

  • @Naleaus everyone who uses a messer is now a pile of twigs

  • @Capn-Clinch
    I don’t know if yours will work. In your context, you’re spelling it different, but using it the same. In mine, I’m talking about setting fire to some bundles of sticks. Was why I said be creative.

  • @Naleaus punny

  • @No-Home-Planet
    No freedom of speech on the internet, and TBS are Canadian anyways. I’m just trying to save him a ban while still letting him shitpost.

  • @Naleaus not rlly a shitpost, just pure honesty, legit calling people out on here ive finally realized is a waste of time and effort and 70% of it is to get attention

  • I do poke the bear when opporunity strikes, n thanks for the hopefully gonna work dodge

  • Do you walk around with a burning sensation in your pooper? Is it a constant struggle for you to sit down? Well do i have a deal for you, that burning sensation is actually a Bumrod…but not just any Bumrod its a brandistock…SURPRISE youre a brandi user. But dont worry for just 5 easy payments of 57.64 you can learn where buttons like lt, lb and rt are (rt is a highly cancerous button use at own risk), and you can close that gap and make a friend :) cause we all know everyone hates you for using that Buttpincher…break out of your shell now and call DingDongDonnie’sButtBrandiBlotout and say goodbye to that pesky rod in your butt today!

    Call 1-800-RodButt or visit us at 45 uptheshoot drive

    We are not responsible for bodily harm during procedure as we usually just give it a good yank

  • Do you enjoy range? Do you enjoy speed? Do you enjoy taking advantage of people who only know how to range run and hit trade?! Then do I have the weapon for you! Come on down to Skelly&Viz emporium and buy yourself a SPEAR, with this base weapon and a little work you can become the ultimate but puncher and humiliate those Brandi users at the same time! Proper application of the spear to and enemies anus will quickly throw a wrench into most plans said enemy may have. With this speedy, long, and thrust worthy rod you will become the most hated person on a battle field. Friend in trouble? Poke the enemy in the butt! Enemy trying to grab a torch? Poke him in the butt! DISCLAIMER: Skell&Viz Emporium is not responsible for deaths cause by a lack of skill when using this weapon. Caution as side effects of using the spear may include, but are not limited to, excessive salt, hate mail, head hunting, and rage quits.

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