Mirage Closed Alpha coming next week...

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    Closed Alpha testing starts next week. First round invites have been sent out by lottery. More info when test begins!

    The first round invites were sent by email yesterday. The process involves a Google questionnaire and NDA. We are in the process of gathering our first participants’ information before testing begins. If you didn’t make it into this round, stay tuned for round two! We will be posting a full announcement when the Alpha goes live.

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  • How do I know if I win the lottery?

  • im horribly nervous to get into this alpha since i didnt make first rounds, ive been watching closely since this project first was announced, idk what to do if i dont get in :/ since ive got over 600+ hours clocked on chiv im dieing to thoroughly play and enjoy this new fresh game and share my thoughts on it… fingers crossed

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    I’m pretty sure if you signed up before September you’re automatically in, so you should be okay.

    I’m also worried, except for my friends. When I first read the announcement, I got the feeling that still everyone who signed up would get it. Upon reading it again, now I’m not so sure.

    Can we get any stats on the likelihood of getting into the alpha if you signed up after August?

  • @Skindiacus i sure hope it works likes that, because i sure did sign up the day they mentioned any form of public testing haha the only difference is i didnt make a forums account till today, ive only opted in via email up till now so i hope that dosnt effect it

  • We’re doing the alpha in progressively larger groups over time so if you don’t make it in the first round, don’t sweat it too much. We’ll be gradually expanding the alpha numbers as we go, so it’s pretty likely you’ll have the opportunity to get in!

    Hope that clears it up.

  • I signed up 4 days ago and got lucky now im in the first round so its not a matter of when its like they said done by lottery

  • I sure hope its by lottery because, when alpha was first announced, i signed up right away and have been following news every day since. i thought i was signed up because i clearly remember typing in my email for alpha on the main page, and it said “thank you” or some form of confirmation message… It even said “this email is already signed up” if i tried using the email again… then i find out today there is a questionnaire involved in signing up…that hadn’t heard of of when i signed up… so out of fear i try’d my email yet again “that i had thought was signed up” but this time it brought me to the questionair page…and i just now filled it out… so i guess i didnt even opt in till now, when i thought i had months ago :/… i wonder why i didnt get redirected to the questionnaire page when i signed up on announcement date :/

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    @iamkingdino If you got an Alpha questionnaire in your inbox, that means you’ve been selected for the first round as the email states.

    We have had no other questionnaires aside from that specific one.

  • @playerhayter so if i didn’t get an email a few days ago, that means im not in the alpha?

  • @figo there are multiple rounds of invites scheduled; if you didn’t get an invite in your mailbox, you will be invited for a future round.

    Everyone who has already received an invite will be able to participate in any future rounds.

  • @Reithur

    ik but i remember getting an email from you but i dont know if it was a questionaire

  • I was accepted into the first round and deleted the original email, so wondering when the alpha actually is? I’m not even sure if it was on that email, will we be notified when the alpha is open? And will it be through Steam?

  • @figo if your received an email in the past few days, it should have a link included; you fill out the form there.

    @chuckapony stay tuned for announcements about when things will start. The alpha will be run via Steam. You will only receive a key if you completed the form from the invite email.

  • @Reithur ah yes that’s okay, thanks very much.

  • really looking forward to try it, looks like a very interesting game.

  • @Reithur No i didn’t get it as a email i didn’t see the questionnaire until i manually typed my email in on the main page where it says “register for the alpha” then a questionnaire popped up, asking for my email computer specs etc… does that mean im in? because that didnt pop up when i typed my email in months ago, and i never got a email saying im in

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