Fire from burning characters invisible?

  • The fire that should appear on burning characters is invisible to me. I don’t see anything. I’ve burnt some players with the oil bombs of the soldier, but while the fire in the ground appears, when I throw it directly at an enemy, he should be burned by it. I’ve even seen some enemies doing the death-by-fire animation after I throw them a bomb, but without the visual effect of fire on them. Strange. This is very annoying as there is times I don’t really know if I did a direct-hit or not because no fire appears whatsoever.

  • I have the same thing. Burning players scream and after awhile even appear to have burnt armor but I never see the flames on them. My friend also has the same problem.

  • Your particles are set to low.

  • Not the case. I double checked, particles set to “High”. Any other ideas?

  • Same problem here.

    Win 7 64 Bit
    4 Gig RAM
    Latest NVIDIA Drivers

    Everything else is fine, but the fire thing is annoying.

  • Same thing

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