The Etiquette of Chivalry Discussions

  • I do understand sometimes we disagree with each other

    However by becoming to offensive or attacking each others posts & threads
    you only get threads locked in some cases or infractions while even bans in extreme cases

    Also using the up vote or down vote shouldn’t really be used as a game by rival clans or
    opposing views in all seriousness, this new site is only 6 months old.
    You could start by agreeing to disagree without starting a forum war
    or making somebody think they can’t express an opposite viewpoint
    without a thumbs down on auto pilot from you

    Rather then rush in with torch’s blazing to burn some sod at the stake
    try to think to yourself do you want to be the One to start the fire?

    It’s quite possible you’re both expressing valid points of view
    so try to bear it in mind without resorting to a voting or war of insults tbh.

    Lastly when forum friends fall out try to resolve it in private chat
    we don’t want a messy divorce all over the forums as it can lead to wars.

    If you have a suggestion or an idea just post below, perhaps an admin might even suggest anything forgotten.

  • “The Duellists”
    A Cult movie about swordsmen but it shows that these fights can go on for a long time.

  • @Wilt said in The Etiquette of Chivalry Discussions:

    It’s true sadly… I’m sorry Loin

  • The fuck is this shit?

    The first naked gun was on TV the other day, Leslie Nielson was a great Canadian actor. He started in dramatic roles if I’m not mistaken, theater performances like Patrick Stewart.

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