Technical Help!~ Problems with chivalry MW crashing and black screen.

  • I don’t know if this is happening to anyone else but when I play Chivalry MW it randomly crashes and I get a black screen.
    I just got this 1060 and it works perfectly fine for the games I’ve tried. (rise of the tomb raider and Witcher 3) but every time I try to play Chivalry at random time sit seems I will crash, my screen will get no signal and I have to restart my PC to fix it. I tried multiple graphics settings, reinstalling chivalry and reinstalling my graphics driver. I also put my GPU in debug mode and ran the fans at max to rule out a temperature issue. Every other game is fine, its just Chivarly at this point.

    Currently Im using a
    GTX 1060 6GB
    Core i5 4570
    500W PSU
    8GB ram
    Windows 8.1
    Graphic driver 372.90

  • @Sir-Tainly I believe I just replied to you on the Steam Hub. Please try verifying your game files;

    If this doesn’t work, we’ll need you to post your crash logs and a link to your .dmp file (instructions here).

  • It’s a long shot but when installing graphics drivers try not to let windows do it prior. As this has caused a screen like
    you described for me in the past. I discovered on a few of my machines here it developed a bug by the windows route.

    It might be a case of completely reinstalling the video drivers with a clean install but this time then let nvidia do it.
    exclude windows even searching for a graphics driver. It worked for me and ever since I never let windows search
    for drivers using its own dialog boxes or searching online.

    Is vsnyc off in nvidia plus you could even try simply deleting your mydocuments>mygames>chivalry folder in some
    cases if you don’t mind setting up your keys again. After deleting that then validate files via steam , it should then
    recreate that folder plus the files that used to be in it. That also cured the problem.

  • @Reithur
    Yeah I tried Verifying my cache and it passed.
    I also tried multiple graphics configurations and got the same kind of crash.

    Oh hello, I tried that and my game passed. I posted in the forum you linked me but when I tried to upload my files it said I don’t have permission.

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