So I've Been Thinking Again

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    In light of recent arguments, I think we should decide how to handle playing across different servers. For many of us in the case of clan wars, alternating hosts has been a suitable solution, and in the case of duels, one on east and one on EU has been the meta. However, the voices of others should be taken into consideration. Despite my feelings for him, Gatelo has at least a fraction of a point. What do we do about US central or US West vs EU or US east? For the most part we all just adjust to the lag of the server we are on and cope, but what if we used a neutral server to buffer the advantage for either side? My proposition is that, because there are in fact active clans on west servers, they are just not as active on the forums as the east and EU clans, in the event of a duel or war between EU and West, the host alternates between central and east, instead of EU and West. This will slightly reduce any lag advantage that a player might gain from being on their host, making it a slightly more fair fight. Similarly, EU vs West wars should be fought on Central servers. This still leaves the East vs EU situation because there is no “middle of the Atlantic Ocean” server. For this we just stick to the meta, alternate host the way we always have. Feel free to comment and tell me your thoughts, nothing you say is going to hurt my feelings so all feedback is welcome.

  • That would give the US West players an advantage, US East and central are alot closer to west than EU

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    @IAmTheSkylord This is true, so is there another server that you EU guys don’t lag on that would be relatively close to US players?

  • @epickillmaster I mean even though I mentioned it earlier, us east should be fine

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    @IAmTheSkylord I agree personally but this was more intended to resolve current and future issues with server hosts

  • @epickillmaster You need to stop thinking… :D

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  • across the pond eu still better. ;D

  • We already solved this a long time ago. Winner must win by 2 wins to victor. That means winning one on the opponent server as well as yours

  • Only server still populated is eu lol all east is is gatelo and all the other knobs that gank n touch eachothers wangs all day

  • @Capn-Clinch I very strongly disagree. From around 12:00pmEST till like 3:00amEST the East cost TO, TDM, and FFA Lobby’s are practically full.

  • @SDS-NewAgeKnight full of idiots, all respect to you newage but take off the rose colored glasses friend

  • @Capn-Clinch What idiots? Cause I got to tell you 75% of the high lvl EU players spam vote kick me whenever I join a lobby and start doing good or kill them. Or bag me when they kill me and laugh. I did nothing to them yet for some reason they don’t like me. EU also is full of a lot of low lvl scrubs as well. EU has just as many idiots as East cost has. Neither server is better then the other.

  • @SDS-NewAgeKnight I play just as many hours on EU as I do east so I’m not just talking out of my Ass.

  • @SDS-NewAgeKnight uh i never said eu didnt have cancer, i just said the game is barely a shadow of what it was, we top maybe 40 players a day and its always the same jackweeds that just sit there in a ffa and whenever you attack one they all swarm you like flies to shit, its a solid reason why people like me only play in wars now, the ass cancer has made public no fun

  • And idiots i can list them but id be labelled as roffle for the post size

  • eu have only 120 ping to a duel lobby where an american will always have 160

  • @MaHarold I never ping over 125 in any EU lobby outside of a few select objective maps

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    @SDS-NewAgeKnight lol sometimes I hit 999 ping on EU in teamO

  • @SDS-NewAgeKnight said in So I've Been Thinking Again:

    @MaHarold I never ping over 125 in any EU lobby outside of a few select objective maps

    You’re in New York though.

    I get around 140-150 being in Ohio. And THAT is pretty bad…

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