Closed Alpha - Frequently Asked Questions

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    Mirage: Arcane Warfare - Public Testing FAQ

    Below are a set of frequently asked questions; please review this list before posting a new thread.


    Can I share my screenshots/videos/stream or game suggestions with the world?

    • No. You are part of this alpha test under the Non-Disclosure Agreement which you signed in order to even see this post; we will notify you if/when this no longer applies.
    • If you have screenshots to share with the alpha testing team, you can post them directly onto a forum thread in the Closed Alpha section (drag and drop).
    • Please do not post any images, screenshots or videos onto media-hosting sites (e.g. Imgur, Giphy, etc); doing so is a violation of your NDA.
    Pretty please can I share with just my online friends who aren’t in the alpha?
    • No, you can’t.

    If you really feel like you need to share something, you can post some feedback or talk to other alpha testers in General.

    Is this the first public test of Mirage?

    This is our 4th round of alpha testing. Prior to this, we had been running an extremely small, invitation-only closed pre-Alpha test of Mirage since Q2 2016. We used this forum for that feedback as well - which you can see through the various earlier posts made by users here.

    How long does the test run?

    Our Alpha testing phase will run from the end of September until we are ready to begin our Beta test phase in early 2017. More details will be provided about this later.
    The Alpha Test will be run in four-day sprints, Thursday to Sunday; review the Schedule section in our Welcome thread for more details

    How do I play this game?

    We are working on a tutorial and in-game hint system to help you learn how to play. Until these systems are actually implemented, please review our tutorial section for Mirage to get you started.

    If I am part of this round of testing, will I be able to participate in future alpha tests?

    Yes, once you’re part of the alpha, you will be able to participate in future rounds of alpha testing.

    I can’t seem to launch the game, how do I play?

    • You must run the 64bit version of Windows 7, 8, or 10; the game will not run on any other operating system.
    • If you have recently installed the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, please see this thread.
    • If you have crashing or having technical issues, please review our troubleshooting post.

    The game is taking a long time to load…?

    • Yes, the game takes a bit to load; please be patient
      – The game currently front-loads assets so that you can change maps faster once you’re in-game

    Where are the game servers located?

    • North america
      • US West - LA
      • US Central - Dallas
      • US Central - Chicago
      • US East - Reston
    • South America
      • Sao Paulo - BR
    • Europe
      • Rotterdam, NL
    • Russia
      • Moscow
    • Australia
      • Sydney
    • Asia/Pacific
      • Hong Kong

    If we do not cover your region, please let us know.

    Is there any backstory to Mirage?

    Yes, we have released a series of Lore blogs. Check out our 3-part lore series in our Tutorial Section.

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