Welcome to the Closed Alpha

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    Welcome to the Closed Alpha for Mirage: Arcane Warfare

    We are beyond excited to see players from our community getting their grubby mitts on our new game and can’t wait to see what players like (or hate) about it.

    We know you’re excited to play - but please make sure you read all of the below first.

    State of the game

    This is a real Alpha, the game is rough around the edges right now and we’re fully aware of it.

    • There will be placeholder features and abilities without proper art, sound and gameplay passes.
    • UI is still work in progress and there are still some unfinished screens/elements in the game
    • Performance is not going to be ideal

    Last Release Notes

    Feedback and & changes

    Everything is up for feedback and we have some big changes underway already that we’reworking on for upcoming builds and we expect more to come as we test the game with you.

    Every piece of feedback will be read and considered, we may not have time to respond to it all but we really appreciate the time taken to post in the forums.

    Tell us about your first impressions
    Give us feedback here on the forums
    Join the Mirage Discord community

    A select number of players have already been active in our pre-Alpha testing throughout 2016. This post from Gauntlet or this one from Xylvion are great examples of the kind of in-depth feedback we are looking for.
    When providing feedback, please be sure to use proper map/class/ability names and use formatting to separate feedback, Level Designers for example are much more likely to see your feedback if it’s separated from abilities.
    Follow our Feedback Guidelines for best results.

    Reporting bugs

    If you find any issues in game you can create a topic in our bug section and we’ll check it out, you can mark the thread as a question and we’ll resolve it once we’ve fixed it internally.

    Stick to the NDA

    The purpose of the Non-Disclosure Agreement (that you should definitely have signed by now) is to keep information about the Mirage Closed Alpha confidential.

    This part of the NDA is key:

    Recipient shall use the Confidential Information only for the purpose to test games developed by Discloser and/or communicate with other players and the Discloser in a members-only website forum on forums.tornbanner.com.

    You are only allowed to talk about the Mirage Alpha in the private Closed Alpha Testing category of forums.tornbanner.com - any posts made elsewhere will be removed. All who have signed the NDA are in a legal agreement not to share information they’ve gained from the Alpha anywhere, except for that private forum. Any posts about Alpha content made outside of the private forum will be removed (or flagged for removal) and the player kicked permanently from Alpha testing.


    Each test will run for 4 days, Thursday through Sunday. We will take servers down early on Monday. You will be automatically enrolled in every test, subsequent to the first one you are invited to enter.

    Our Alpha testing phase will run from the end of September until we are ready to begin our Beta test phase in early 2017. More details will be provided about this later.

    Each phase of the Alpha will include a growing number of participants. Earlier phases will be limited in enrollment, meaning it may be harder to find players at sporadic times. We therefore suggest that you find games during set hours:

    North America

    • After 5pm ET/PT on Thursday/Friday
    • 1-5pm ET/PT on Saturday/Sunday


    • After 17:00 CET on Thursday/Friday
    • Between 13:00-17:00 CET on Saturday/Sunday


    Anything we haven’t answered already should be found in the Alpha FAQ thread. Please post any additional questions you have there, so we can update the FAQ with new Q&As.

    Enjoy the game!

    We’re excited to finally launch the Alpha and hope you all enjoy it, I personally can’t wait to play over the weekend with new people in the comfort of my home.
    We still have a lot of room and opportunity to improve the game and with your feedback this will be an exciting and busy time for us.

  • I heard that “First!” is the appropriate comment for the first post…

  • It’s almost time, boys. Who’s ready to tear up the fresh meat? >:^)

  • welcome, noobs

  • I, for one, welcome more players. It was severely needed.

    Only thing I have to add is that try to remember being under NDA. I know it’s exciting and fun and stuff to know something most of the people don’t but NDA is serious business and serious business needs to be taken seriously.

  • @Vesros Thanks for the opportunity to alpha test! I’ll certainly give constructive feedback

  • yay! I am pumped to be in the alpha

  • Momma, I made it!! But seriously, thank you for this opportunity.

  • Thank you for inviting me to the alpha!

  • Woot! Time to go die horribly and repeatedly against players far more experienced and skilled than myself! Hopefully my 700 hours dying in Chiv will serve me well.

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