Mirage Closed Alpha Test Begins - Announcement and FAQ

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    The Mirage: Arcane Warfare Public Closed Alpha begins today!

    The Alpha, starting September 2016, will provide select participants with the opportunity to playtest Mirage and provide feedback to help shape the direction of the game as we move towards its release in early 2017.

    We are gradually adding new participants into the Alpha, based on our list of registered members from our sign-up on MirageArcaneWarfare.com.

    The first phase of the Alpha, starting now, will be for a limited time and with a small pool of participants. Subsequent phases will differ in time and volume of participants.

    I didn’t get a key! How do I get in?
    If you have not been invited to the Alpha yet, please be patient and we will hope to get you a key in the near future. We cannot guarantee that all registrants will get a key, but we are working to include as many dedicated testers as possible.

    Can I pay to get in?
    No, the Alpha is free and limited to registrants. Access is limited to registrants on MirageArcaneWarfare.com. This is our opportunity to get people volunteering their time to playtest Mirage, providing us with feedback so we can iterate on our development of Mirage as we move towards launch.

    How long will the Alpha last?
    The first phase of the Alpha will run from 9/29 to 10/3, with more phases to follow throughout the rest of 2016. The Alpha does not yet have a determined end date.

    The Closed Alpha is under a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). What does the NDA mean?
    Anyone with access to the Closed Alpha is encouraged to play Mirage and provide feedback directly to developers in our member-only forum. For those who are now participating in the Closed Alpha, visit forums.tornbanner.com to provide us with your essential feedback in the private Closed Alpha subcategory. As per the terms of the NDA, Closed Alpha participants are not allowed to share any information about Mirage outside of that member-only forum.

    When will the Beta begin?
    The Beta will begin in early 2017. We will provide more details in the near future about how players can gain access to the Beta. It will not be under NDA.

    I registered for the “Beta” on your website. Am I in the Alpha?
    If you previously registered with your email address on MirageArcaneWarfare.com for what we were calling the “Beta” (prior to August 2016), then yes, you are in our Alpha registration list.

    I have questions that aren’t answered here!
    Please leave a post in our forums and we’ll get back to you.

  • didn’t get a key

  • VERY stoked on this, guys!

  • @playerhayter

    when i clicked the “NOTE: Before installing, please read the full welcome blog post here” link in the email, all i got was:

    “Access Denied
    You seem to have stumbled upon a page that you do not have access to.”

    but i got the key so i can test the game after installation, thank you!

  • Developer

    @meatmonster it seems the mass forum invite is not working, we’re looking into it. Glad you got your key though.

  • Aw yiiis i got in,
    The forum link doesnt work though. it says Access Denied

  • @Vesros im in, but i didnt get a key yet nor a forum invite and everyone else did is this normal?

  • @Vesros in the same boat, got my key but no forum invite

  • @Vesros

    key works


  • Did you guys just follow in here after i said that quote?

  • Developer

    Just to be clear, forum access to the alpha section is separate from steam access, you should be able to install the game fine if you received a key.

    We’re looking into the forum access right now and hope to fix it soon.

  • wat quote

    also it says it will take 3 days to download

  • oh not anymore

  • still no key. and everyone else got theirs, should i be concerned?

  • @iamkingdino Same here. Just to confirm, if we get this message, are we getting a key for this test?
    alt text

  • “You’ve been selected to be a first round participant of alpha testing for Mirage: Arcane Warfare!”
    According to the email I’ve got, but I didnt get a key. Seems like I didnt understand some aspects. Waiting for an answer, thanks.

    “In addition, you’ll have access to all future alpha tests we run.”
    I hope we get everything what we need to start playing :)

  • yes, that means we are in. i dont know why we dont have our keys yet, glad its not only me. now we wait

  • @Zucc4t i think we both understood that part the same

  • shh, wait for them to respond dont lose our problems amongst the spam

  • This post is deleted!

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