My playtime thought's

  • Hey!

    Seems like a good idea to share my experience with this game,
    I know its alpha but here are the main points in game overall :

    • The game runs really, I mean really smooth ( gtx 850m ) fps wise
    • Ping is a problem ( alpha, so yeah, nothing really awfull)
    • Melee combat feels a bit ‘‘slow’’ and ‘‘less’’ compared to chivalry imho
    • Running around feels slow too
    • Nice maps of what i’ve seen

    And some thoughts about the classes :

    • Entropis : Really cool with the carpet ! Really ! Only the class feels a tad underwhelming to me at this point. No gun ?
    • Alchemancer : What does right mouse button do ?? Overall fun character, pretty viable imo, really like the dishonored like blink !
    • Vypress : Feels really strong, would be really cool if she couldt do skill combos ! Still because combat has a bit less feeling to it
      is pretty easy with her to kill people 1 on 1

    Overall seems like a game with a lot of potential !
    Would love to see some more ‘‘feel’’ to the weapons like in Chivalry , I really loved that !

    What are your thoughts about this game ?

  • Developer

    This was posted outside of the closed alpha section which is not allowed.

    I’ve moved the topic but please pay attention in the future.

  • @Vesros It should be in the feedback section of the closed alpha x)

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