Black screen Crashing issue.

  • Issue:
    My problem began after upgrading my GTX 760 2GB to a GTX 1060 6GB. The issue I’m having is that at seemingly random/unrepeatable times my screen will go black. I sometimes hear the sound from Chivarly for a few seconds before my monitor says no signal.(The sound is not plug into the Graphics card) From then the only way I can fix it is to press the hard reset button and everything boots up fine. Now it seems likely its a card issue but this has ONLY happened for Chivarly. I played 5+ hours of the “Witcher 3” and some "Rise of the Tomb raider " and had no issues at all with the new card. I did uninstall the driver before I installed it and tried a clean reinstall of the Nividia driver to see if it would fix it Chivarly. I haven’t played any chiv for a month before getting the new card, so if anything changed I wouldn’t have been aware. My GPU also passed a couple Furmark tests so its hard to say its the card.

    GTX 1060 6GB
    Core i5 4570
    500W PSU
    Monitor is 144hz

    What didnt work:
    Yes I checked to see if my DVI-D cable is in all the way.
    I verified my game chache and passed.
    Uninstalled the nividia driver and clean reinstalled.
    Checked my temps and nothing over 80C GPU 69 CPU
    I reinstalled Chivalry.
    Played at low and high settings.
    My computer does not turn off when this happens, so its not my PSU

    (I tried uploading the .dmp files here but it says I do not have permission.)

  • @Sir-Tainly the .dmp files are too large to post. Use a service like Dropbox and post the share link.

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