EU servers are incredibly laggy

  • All of the EU servers I join are incredibly laggy right now, everyone on the server keeps getting 300+ ping spikes and it’s completely unplayable. US servers seem to be unaffected.

  • Developer

    We’re aware of the issues and we won’t be able to fix it today, it’s our top priority but it seems to only affect the EU region as our NA servers are running well right now.

  • They already noticed that. But yeah, you’re right.

  • @Vesros Okay thank you, wasn’t sure if you were aware. I’ll try again tomorrow :)

  • just a side note: in the beginning of the alpha test eu servers ran incredibly well. The lag started after about 1hour of testing.

  • And another important thing: I’ve read on Discord that “Test Europe - 2!” is lag-free. I can confirm this!
    There is no lag at all!

    The thing is: You cannot directly join this server. If you want to join there, you have to join “Test Europe 1” and it will throw you on Test Europe 2. If you try to join “Test Europe - 2!” directly, you will just land on another random numbered server.

    So people from Europe may stick to this server for a while, untill the issue is resolved :] Just join Test Europe 1 for a lag-free experience!

  • @sanastro I can confirm that.

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