General Feedback Alpha #09

  • Alpha Build #09



    • Some strange reflections of first person model are still present.
    • Love the water visuals in this game, it’s very phantasmagorical.


    Main Menu - UI is shaping up nicely. Feels incredibly user friendly and coming from Chivalry, everything works as you would expect it to. Awesome!

    • Exit application - The icon to exit game doesn’t bring up a prompt asking “Are you sure you want to quit?” with a Y/N prompt. Unforgiving for accidental misclicks.
    • Getting into the application you are forced to watch the UE4 / TBS logo. Possibility to skip these without removing files? I always hated intro videos.
    • When in-game and with either the loadout menu or team select screen open, I’d like to be able to press the hotkey N or M to switch fluidly between the screens instead of having to mouse click the UI icon to swap between them. Character select and team select swap icons are on opposite sides of the UI, makes changing between them back and forth a bit of a chore if you accidentally misclick.

    Server Browser - Needs to be centered, obviously still work in progress.


    • VO Blocked to prevent voice spamming is too restrictive. I can’t laugh a few times, then try to tell someone “behind you!” without it silencing me. Remember, voices provide valuable intel as well as comedic effect. Preventing voice spam winds up being more obnoxious than hearing a voice spammer.


    • In a 6v6 setting, the gameplay is fantastic. Nothing really beats the rush of fighting multiple opponents, dashing under / over attacks, phasing through players, etc. In a team fight, Vigilist really shines with her Iron Dome ability. It becomes necessary to every group fight, really.
    • CTF needs a few tweaks to the design.
      • Players need to be able to see if they’re carrying the flag. A flashing indicator which reads “YOU HAVE THE ARTIFACT” would be hugely important, preferably where a player can see it.
      • An indication which team currently holds the flag also needs to be available on screen at all times. Often a player could capture without me knowing which team controlled the flag.
      • Why would we deliver an artifact to the enemy base? Why not make it a bomb so we’re suiciding into the enemy fort.

    Combat specifics

    • Many facehug ripostes seem to ignore parry volume. Some issues remaining with general reactiveness of parry in Mirage.
    • Parry volume does not follow torso rotation. Attacks from odd angles (attacks from above mainly) will often bypass parry volume.
    • Feints are largely unreadable still. Might be due to a lot of weapons early hitting / bad animations (Taurant feint into attack animations blend poorly and appear as if the attack never stopped).
    • Players desyncing from their attack animations (like in Chivalry) can occur. The animation will either play really late (you’ve already been hit but then the attack animation plays), or no animation will play at all.

    Is too intrusive on the gameplay. Parry a few abilities (which you largely cannot avoid doing), parry an attack or two here and there, maybe wall jump / side step, and you’re out of stamina. It’s very sudden and extremely limiting

    • Consider increasing the stamina pool or reducing the amount of stamina lost across the board. This game is incredibly fast, parry into parry, feint into parry, cftp, side steps and other jump dodges. Stamina winds up dictating too many 1vX encounters, with the 1 running out and having no chance to recover. In its current incarnation it’s a huge skill limiter as I cannot perform all the necessary functions in a fight for my own survival without running out of stamina.


    Wall jumping

    • Much improved over last build. I didn’t think I’d like the class differences in wall jump distance but I find it a good balance for heavier characters like Taurant to be unable to wall jump the same distance as a Tinker or Vypress. Visually it didn’t make sense either. Great work.



    • Shuriken should have a few more bounces before disappating imo


    • Lacking a cool ability at this time, nothing particularly defining about him other than access to heals.
    • Belly bounce is underwhelming when sharing the same ability slot with magic carpet
    • Kind of wish Entropist grenades were physical instead of magic. Having what appears to be grenades strapped to his belt which are where he’d pull them from to toss would be neat. The graphic of the grenade itself could look like a small pot with a team colored trail that flows out of it.
    • Weapon damage is underwhelming, and ability selection is underwhelming. Abilities should have more variety and facilitate different playstyles. Currently only one set of abilities is worth picking, making him very one dimensional.


    • Changes to tinker are godly, back flip being used to jump high is fun, and grapple hook behaving like a self pull when mid flight is really neat too. Would it be possible to make it so grapple shot works on environment to pull her? Ex: Mid air tinker uses grapple shot against a wall and pulls herself towards it.
    • I’m tinker biased. Tinker is bae.


    • Can hold ward strike, animation shows her throw but then holds the projectile. The animation is visually confusing in this way.



    • This section of the map appears to be large enough to walk on, but an invisible barrier prevents player movement. Feels incongruent with what is visually present.

  • I myself don’t have a lot to say about the patch, except parries. Parries, parries, parries, over the last few patches there has been tons of improvement, but I feel like there’s still a lot to be done. Please go watch my parry-fail montage if you haven’t already.

    I’ve also really taken a dislike to windup/release times recently. So many times I will parry when I get feinted, and I can get another parry up unintentionally simply because they can’t followup their feint quick enough. I’d really love that list of values (windup, release, recovery.) cough based vesros cough

    Otherwise, I do quite enjoy camping the newer players on bazaar.

    Cheers for alpha release!

  • Forgot to mention:

    I agree with stam, I always feel like I’m out of stam and the penalty is kind of useless/too punishing.

    Loading up the game takes light years, it’s quite frustrating.

  • @wizardish

    +1 on the stam issue, makes fighting multiple people and overall movement very restrictive

  • In regards to UI I have a couple of suggestions.

    1. On the main menu you should be able to click the options icon to close the options menu when it’s open. Having to click the home icon to close the menu is a bit unintuitive.
    2. I agree that the quit game icon should ask you if you’re sure you want to quit. I think it should also be moved so it’s not right next to the options icon. Having a big X next to the options menu makes it seem like it will just close the menu.

    Also the game and audio menus are completely blank, though I’m not sure if this is a bug or if they just aren’t implemented yet.

  • I agree with the points mentioned here and would and 2 more.

    Combat needs to be sped up and made more fluid. I like the feel of the attacks, theyre weighty and brutal in an mk9 sort of way but as mentioned above the windup is waaay to long for most of the aresenal. I would take it a step further and suggest changing the speed of the release as well for the smaller 1 handers. Maybe increase the reach of some of the larger ones to compensate. The spear for the vigilist for one feels like she has t-rex arms, its a spear, the poke should have a fast wind up and long reach even if the dmg is lowered.

    A crosshair indicator that shows when the dmg frames are active like you did in chiv.

    Thank you, love the game so far.

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