First impression

  • I like the game a lot, have spent like 90 minutes in it now, but there are some bugs and broken mechanics in the game also a quite overpowered class


    • I have seen quite some bugs that really bug out the gameplay, for instance for the Taurant class, when you use the skill that flings you up in the air and launches you at the ground, if you land on your opponent ( Directly on) It sometimes doesn’t want to connect, which makes no sense because you’re right on him/her.

    • Also, there is a game breaking bug in EU servers, might be looked in now atm but just for extra back-up if not, when a player kills an other player in the server, the whole server starts to lag out and people get lag spikes of 300 ping.

    • Problems with keybinds, I have switched a few of my keybinds like those for feinting, but as I have encountered, there is no sprinting button, well, there is an option for it, but it doesn’t work! at the moment, Shift and Ctrl slows you down and gives you more like a slow walk animation, I don’t know if normal walking without pressing any buttons is sprinting, but it feels very slow because of this little bug, I don’t know if it was intentional but it makes the game very slow and I’ve heard people complain about it.

    Overpowered Class

    • The “Flying Mage” (Idk the actual name of the class, forgot it I guess) their range is way to overpowered and they have to much ammunition as their own attack button, it spams easily since it is semi automatic, I know it doesn’t do much damage, but it is a serious annoying factor that they can easily escape from you with their hovering/flying abilities, people can’t reach them from the ground without using skills, as said, the Flying Mage might be the only main ranged class like an archer, it is too overpowered for what it has imo, give it instead of 5 “bullets” 3 in their so called magazine,


    • The gameplay feels waaaay too slow in my opinion at least, not that it gets lame to play, but it is just to easy to recognize hidden animations, making it a waiting game rather than a fast paced hack & slash like Chivalry: Medieval Warfare and actually, way more relaxing, but that is not what this community wants! We wan’t fast paced combat like we had in Chivalry!

    Overall First Impression

    • I really like the game so far, to be fully honest, I didn’t think I’d like it because of the major overhaul from Medieval fighting to magic combat, but I actually really like it since there is still a lot of melee combat at place, however the game feels very slow, I hope you will somehow find a way to speed up the game a little without breaking some mechanics. I hope EU servers will be fixed soon! because NA servers are stable as far as I know

    ~Cheers !

  • Movement speed is definitely a problem, you should make the sprint button actually sprint. I don’t see any reason to walk in this game.

    I tried using triple monitors today 5760x1080, first it turned both left and right screen off whilst displaying that it was currently playing at 5760x1080 resolution. I fixed the problem by going into borderless windowed mode and then back, this turned 2 screens one and the last one started working after about 30 seconds of running in circles. Then all my audio cut out, ingame and on spotify. The game also seems to lock at 120 fov, which is 40 fov per screen. It’s ridiculously low and I was so zoomed in the top of my weapon (big gmace thingy) covered an entire screen. It was completely unplayable.

    Also why is there a lock on the amount of voice emotes you can perform? Just don’t make em show up in chat and nobody will be bothered, but with professional voice actors you should really let me spam to my hearts content.

    Best regards
    Apache Helicopter

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  • I agree alot with you OP.

    The problem im seeing here is theyre trying to make the game completely different in all the wrong ways.

    I came in expecting Chivalry with Magic, what i got was something completely different and not in a good way. The crowd interested in this game will likely be mostly made up of people whove played a Chivalry game, the game in its current state doesnt feel anything like that and would be very disappointing to them.

    What im seeing and experiencing is that TB is trying to complete with Overwatch/Paladins, i think this is a very wrong mindset to take because they themselves have the only market on well made, large scale combat, medieval style games. The game right now seriously plays like a butchered version of Chivalry mixed in with mechanics from current team based arena shooters.

    For instance theres no dodging with the Tinker character. Sure, she can kick and fly backwards, on a large cooldown and then gets her head immediately smashed in afterwards.

    In my opinion, if Torn Banners wants this to be successful they need to stick to their roots, not try and compete with other games that arent even the same genre. Make exactly what it should be, Chivalry with magic. Im sure you can incorporate the abilities into the game without completely trashing the core game mechanics.

    Also another good change, remove the orbs. Orbs just snowball things, it makes dying insanely punishing, on top of that it needlessly gives power to the person who picks up the orb by lowering their cooldown and regenerating a portion of life, it simply doesnt make sense in a game that prides itself on skill based mechanical combat.

  • @Xylvion Sorry, my fault, just noticed as well xd

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