Moving/Creating Barricades

  • I am not sure if this has been covered or not but my idea.

    I see tables and other items inside the castle flipped over to create cover. It would be nice to be able to flip over a table (maybe a bookcase) or move it to create a barricade on a door way or cover almost any where. Depending on how big the item/table is, would require more then one person to move it.

    But I also would like to point out that you can destroy it with fire/oil pots or melee strikes. So it has its own health bar.

    Just an idea.

    Thanks for making one sweet game.

  • There once were whispered utterances of a mythical fifth class known tentatively as the “Siege Engineer” who would be able to construct barricades along with a variety of other utility tasks. Mayhaps if there’s enough demand for such a utility class in the future we might hear rumors of his second coming.

  • I miss building barricades in AOC style pre CR2. It was such a challenge to have one guy risking the entire map building barricades in hopes of preventing the loss of a very unbalanced map. It was risky to build it but once built could garnish a win. I absolutely hated the nerfing of maps and secondary objectives and superior tactics. While the majority thought it was a cheap exploit, it was a brilliant strategy if executed properly and in time. You don’t need another class, just make objects moveable and destroyable, like in the real world. That is what made Half Life 2 so revolutionary was the ability to move objects and build barricades or to launch objects at your opponents.

    When I get my UT mapping skills up to par you can bet I will be adding the ability to build barricades and to block choke points. Who needs a special class? Not I.

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