alpha feedback "so far"

  • This game is fantastic for how earlie in development it is and i am having much more fun then i thought! the only things i find a little wonky, is that

    alchmancer - runs an INCREDIBLE AMOUNT SLOWER then any melee class, which would be fine if the getaway spells didnt glitch half the time forcing them to reset their full cooldown time without you ever getting to actually cast the spell, leaving you to get ganked because you cant block. oh and the dodge move moves you like half a foot and ONLY backwards so thats no help…

    tau"rants"- my only concern about them is the fact that there weapons hit box is sooooo off, like have you tryd to block a swing by a taurent? its not happening plus in my opinion i do think that they should have a faster blocking recovery time because blocking effectively in a multiple person combat situation isnt happening, forcing you to lmb spam like wild which kinda kills the skill aspect.

    tinker!-- these things move WAY TO FAST and hit WAY TO HARD for having THAT MUCH HEALTH/ durability . other then that lovely

    fat guy- i like his balance but his heals need a buff weather its a reduce in cast time in exchange for more cool-down time idk, its just not worth healing anything, youll get ganked trying

    vypress- o.p animations pretty darn unblock-able when played who ever had chiv experience before due to the goofy animations, plsu she can spam block… unhitable with insane mobility. and they do CRAZY range damage very quickly for a melee class… honestly if the range damage was reduced, or the cooldown extended or just glaives reduced to just one. it wouldn’t be as aggravating to fight one of these, i just dont think they should hold the edge in range combat IMO tehyre fast enough as is. the only time i can effectively take one of these things out is with alchmancer or a VERY long range ability catching em off guard before they get in range. or gg.

    sorry if im a little illiterate English is not first language. but yea all the classes are pretty darn balanced and ive been having a ton of fun. none of the classes are so broke it “ruins the fun”. sooo thats good. im absolutely loving the physics and improved gore and limb flying-age/dieing animations ive already died of laughter tons and it definitely makes getting that head shot much more rewarding! i just cant wait to see whats gonna happen next and what the other ability are like, so im sure my opinions will change! happy playing ;)

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