Alchemancer inside of iron dome

  • Can’t reload or anything, feels really defeating. Other classes can at least use melee attacks but the poor alchemancer is left to parish.
    What are other peoples thoughts on this?

    p.s. The intense cowbell solo on the Bazaar music is beautiful. If only more games would just add more cowbell…

  • I sort of agree. Specifically inside the iron dome, it is a problem (since he is kinda useless inside the dome), but not a huge one. Alchemancer is a ranged class, so he’d be most effective a little further back from the action. While a Vigilist could run up and drop a dome just to neutralize the Alchemancer, I feel like it’d be more useful for her to put it around her teammates, who would (in theory) be some distance from the Alchemancer.

    On the other hand, I agree that the Alchemancer could use some sort of melee. All the other classes have the different attacks with their standard melee weapon in addition to abilities, but he just has the fireball. Maybe it’s just me, but this makes it feel like the other classes have 6 actions to choose from (slash, overhead, stab, 3 abilities) while Alchemancer only has 4, 3 of which have a cooldown.

    So to summarize, I don’t think the Alchemancer should be inside an opponent’s Iron Dome all that often to begin with, but giving him another standard attack that would be usable inside would help a lot both with that specific situation, and the extra variety would be a nice bonus for his general gameplay.

    p.s. Agreed, you can never have too much cowbell

  • I call that one ‘The Bug Zapper’.
    Vigilist’s Shield drop + Tinker’s Trap + Tinker’s chain pull = ZAPZAP
    (Great for ranged spammers)

  • I’ve noticed that alchemancer is the only one that can actually easily destroy an iron dome with 5 hits. which makes this less of a deal and makes him way more about positioning.

    I still think an alt attack dagger would be a good idea since it makes his weapons tab useful

    but I am conflicted on how I feel about the balance of total shutdown.

  • I generally wanted to stay away from balance discussion since this is still the alpha, but the Iron Dome seems to be like the Medic of TF2: Can you win without one? Sure, but you’re going to have a much harder time. The Iron Dome defangs the Alchemancer and renders a lot of other abilities unusable or otherwise impractical, and the best counter to the Iron Dome is another Iron Dome. It’s also great for resetting a fight by pushing away all enemies to the edge.

    It seems like the must have ability for Mirage - at least someone on the team needs to use it. Is there something that I’m missing about it? It always seemed to last a really long time. Can Alchemancer attacks damage it? Do any other projectiles do that? How about the charge attacks? Does damage make its duration shorter, or does it have to be shattered?

    I’d still like to keep the Iron Dome around, but it definitely seems like an ability that could use some different counters and maybe even alternatives on a different class.

  • @doomybear

    Another counter to the dome is Tinker’s chain pull. It goes through the dome and can rip anyone out of your choosing. You could bring the dome down by pulling out the Vigilist and beat her up.

  • @iSick1e

    I suppose, but that’s a long cooldown spent on a skill that can still be parried, while the Iron Dome itself is literally just a button press.

    And that does kind of bring up another point…Why does the hookshot go through the dome anyway? I also noticed that the Tinkerer mines aren’t disabled in the dome, either. Neither is Vypress’s dash attack. It’s a bit inconsistent.

  • Developer

    @doomybear this is actually just a bug, has been fixed for the next build already.

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