First Impression/experience: Main Menu

  • First of all, i’m writing my first experience of the game in a kind of personal way, you will notice english is not my native language, i’m not used to write in english but i really want to help the developers to make the game enjoyable and another success for Torn Banner.

    Pre-Game Experience: Main Menu

    First thing i did after launching the game is clicking furiously hoping to skip all the intros, upon entering the main menu i noticed it was in window mode and at a low resolution, looked for the option icon which was next to the exit icon which then i accidentally missclicked exiting the game instantly, i think this could become a very common issue.
    tl;dr: a minor suggestion of a warning that the user is about to exit the game.

    So after i failed the game with just one click i went back in, but this time carefully clicking the option icon, after the sweet sensation of having all options in epic i was done but i noticed no close icon, no back option, tried the now colorful option icon again but nothing happened then i finally went straight for the huge server browser options, which i guess could have been my first choice, the last thing i noticed was the small home icon.
    tl;dr: the interface is not intuitive for some people like me.

    Now at the server browser, there was a lot of empty servers so i ticked to filter all empty ones, nothing happened, refresh icon didn’t filter anything, tried sorting the servers by clicking the “Player #” but wasn’t even interactive, i gave up and manually search for a server with the lowest ping with players, double clicking a server on the list did nothing, no join option but at the right end of the selected server in the list was something that looked like an arrow with a orange background, clicked it hoping for the best, Success! The map started loading.
    tl;dr: filters aren’t working, for me at least, no join button for servers in the list and double clicking does nothing.

    Finally i’m in the actual game, beautiful team selection design, information is displayed nicely and fairly familiar to latest of chivalry, though the second team name is kind of hard to read at first, clicked the auto select for quick balance, at first the class selection was kind of overwhelming but didn’t took long before i understood everything, choose my loadout then clicked play.
    tl;dr: Team and character selection are very well done, some portraits of the classes doesn’t show the actual weapon, Vypress and Taurant for example.

    If this was helpful maybe later i will post the gameplay experience.
    ** I’m aware that this is very early alpha and many of the things listed are known issues, just telling my early experience with the game. **

    Thanks Torn Banner for this opportunity.

  • Developer

    Some great feedback, thanks for this. The main menu, options and server browser are in a very early state that we roughed in for the alpha so many known issues there we will work to improve. The team and class selection items are also good to note, will work to improve these as well.

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