Scroll Lock

  • Scroll lock seems to open up some sort of console, and I can’t find a way to remap it. I use scroll lock as my push to talk key and it has caused quite a bit of frustration because of it.

    Is there any way to remove this?

  • I may be one of the few people in the exact same boat as you, and after running into countless problems trying to find another push-to-talk key, I put on my hacker hat and figured it out.

    If you open %ChivalryLocation%\Engine\Config\BaseInput.ini in a text editor, search for “ScrollLock” and change that line; I didn’t test just commenting it out with a semi-colon or deleting it, but changing it to “NumLock” solved the problem.

  • Yes scroll lock seems to open up console for me as well. Very frustrating when trying the diff swings and then console opens up right int he middle of it.
    I will try commenting that line out and report back.

    IN that file above I change Typekey=ScrollLock to Typekey=Numlock

    We will see if that does the trick.

    (Glad I am not the only one that was having this hassle :)

  • IN that file above I change Typekey=ScrollLock to Typekey=Numlock

    Precisely that. In %ChivalryLocation%\Engine\Config\BaseInput.ini, changing the line Typekey=ScrollLock to Typekey=Numlock successfully re-maps inline console to NumLock rather than ScrollLock.

  • Thank you for that. It has saved me quite a bit of grief.

  • Looks like it worked so far for me as well!


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