keybind woes

  • so far i have learned that…

    I cannot rebind mouse scroll down to anything even if i delete the default bind for it

    Delete key is not able to be used as a keybind? please tell me this is not so because it is always my ‘Use’ key in games…

    Keybinds menu shuffled the order of the keybinds around after restarting the game… this is odd and i’m not sure i can reproduce

    unable to bind Enter to anything because hitting enter at any time just opens up party chat instead of setting a keybind

    Currently i am not willing to try to play because i cant even approach a comfortable setup with these limitations. Please help!

  • @OutlawStar we can work on adding more options to keybinds.

    Are you trying to set up to use the Arrow Keys or Numberpad? Do you have an example layout you could show us?

  • i am trying to use the arrow keys as movement keys. My typical setup for chivalry is
    Mousescroll up:stab
    Mousescroll down:feint
    Enter:AltAttack Modifier

    As for the new ability keys i am expecting to use the Insert, Home, PgUp, PgDown, and End keys. Beyond that I have not thought the rest through.

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