Freezing on Startup?

  • Is anyone else experiencing temporarily freezing/crashing on startup and when trying to join a game?

  • @AshlingMc have you tried verifying your game files?

    alt text

  • I did that and haven’t experienced any more crashing so far. It hasn’t fixed another problem though, it is still taking several minutes for the game to startup and when it does start up it won’t open in full screen. And even when I try to manually maximize the screen, it won’t go full screen.

  • @AshlingMc the game front-loads everything to enable faster changes between maps, so the long loading time is normal for now.

    How are you attempting to maximize the screen? Did you use the Options panel in game and set for Full-Screen or Full-Screen Windowed? Did you adjust the resolution to match your monitor’s resolution?

  • Full-screen windowed. Will try in-game. And yes, screen resoultion and game resolution do match.

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