Audio Clipping

  • Hello folks,

    I just upgraded my audio setup today and now that I have a more full sound I can hear clipping during various audio cues in-game, i.e. chants and abilities. I did not previously hear such clipping but I believe it was due to inferior hardware. Moreover, I asked around lobbies and some other users acknowledged the same issue and saw others bring it up during matches.
    Previous setup and current setup for reference:

    Beurodynamic DT-990 PRO (250 Ohm Impedence)
    FiiO E07k USB AMP/DAC

    Sennheiser HD600 (300 Ohm Impedence)
    Schiit Magni 2 AMP (Uses 16v wall wart power)
    Schiit Modi 2 USB DAC

    I checked the Volume Mixer levels in game to see if there were points where it was maxing out the bar, no such instances occurred. I played with the volume level software side and hardware side to no avail. This leads me to believe there is clipping regardless of level. Furthermore, I maxed out volume on Chrome, Chivalry:MW, and Insurgency to make sure this wasn’t just a system wide issue. I was able to go well beyond comfortable listening levels in other apps without any hint of distortion.

    Any info/suggestions appreciated.

  • Developer

    Thanks for your post iSick1e. I monitor with my ears and also visually through wwise meters and have not noticed any clipping, though in a multiplayer game full of such chaos, it is not wholly impossible. This is the first time I have heard of any clipping issues, though if i understand you correctly, others have mentioned to you that they are hearing clipping too? I am currently running the mix through a limiter which should make clipping way less possible. I will take a hard look at the mix and keep you posted here when any changes go live to the alpha-- in that case I would love to hear back from you to see if we’ve managed to resolve the issue.

    In the meantime if you notice any other clues such as a sound or combo of sounds that you suspect to be the culprit, please let me know here!

  • Well I actually did manage to solve it on my end already as far as I can tell. I jumped the gun in pointing my finger at Mirage although I did have a slight confirmation bias with other UE3 and UE4 games working as intended oddly enough.

    The DAC I bought did not come with its own USB A to B cable. As I was troubleshooting the clipping, I tried different USB ports (front and motherboard), different plugs for the wall wart, and finally I started switch USB A to B cables. I went through 4 cables before I found one that didn’t clip Mirage at all, very strange, although entirely a hardware issue on my end I suppose. I am very fortunate to have 4 USB A to B cables lying around to finally find a good one.

    With that being said, hopefully others with clipping or distortion issues post their own findings here for any possible software issues that come up.

  • Developer

    Thanks again for respondingg, so happy you have it sorted out. Good audio is very important! Mirage can get overwhelming at times soundwise, so perhaps it just exacerbated your issue. We are working to help clean up the audio mix in a number of ways so it is great to get feedback. Cheers!

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