Did you send my key to the wrong email address?

  • So I just filled out the survey (the one that contained the NDA), and I realized that I mispelled the email I put into the form. I figured you would send my key to my email, but I accidentally typed in “ninjablanket826” instead of “ninjablanket823”. I went back and edited the form response just now, but now I’m worried that an automated system might have sent out an alpha key to the wrong address (meaning someone is playing Mirage in my place) or that Torn Banner’s auto-reply discounted my email address altogether and now I’ll never get my key. Can the Torn Banner Staff please double-check the survey and send a reply to my email address (ninjablanket823@gmail.com)?

  • Developer

    Thanks for letting us know. we would have not sent an email out if they’re mismatched. You’ll be receiving your key shortly.

  • Thank you for your timely reply. However, for some reason I don’t have access to the Mirage Alpha Tester’s forum. I have an “invitation” in my notifications that I don’t know how to accept, and when I click the Alpha Tester Forum link in the email you sent me, it gives me an “access denied” error.

  • Developer

    @RadioactivePepsi I think if you click on the notification, there will be a pop up message to accept. Its possible that it doesn’t work on some web browsers. Which are you using?

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