Mirage and opinions

  • The first time I launched the game and saw its menu, I was positively surprised. The Chivalry dashboard/menu is gone and finally something new and it really looks like it could work. Can’t wait for the customization and rank system to be available.

    Cons and pros from my point of view:

    I really like the interactions with other players. One of my favourites was that the alchemancer Fireballs could hit each other midair. The possibility to block a Fireball was also very nice.
    Maps are gorgeous and well planned.
    HUD is not too obtrusive and seems to blend well in the environment
    Physics seem to be a bit unfinished (Duh, alpha!), but looks better than players floating on ground in Chivalry.
    The team objective ‘‘move the ___’’ is visually good-looking and should stay as simple as in its current state.

    I didn’t like the music. It doesn’t give me the chills. In Chivalry I used to get chills and an ‘‘adrenaline rush’’ when only one minute of time was remaining. Music still is an important part in games.
    Combat is very slow-paced. Throwing Fireballs or slashing a sword is pretty predictable, it seems like players are talking in combat: ‘‘Hey, lemme slash a bit and then you block, okay?!’’

    What I would like to see happen in Mirage:
    Competitive play and rankings
    More game modes

    This is what I thought about Mirage in short. Me like!

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