Feedback Guidelines

  • Welcome to the Closed Alpha for Mirage: Arcane Warfare!

    We are very excited to finally be able to share our game with you!

    We understand that you will all have a lot to say about the game, from general comments, to bug reports, to suggestions for improvements. To help you with articulating your feedback, please try answering the questions below whenever you think you’ve got something to share.

    We have a few excellent examples of feedback from other alpha testers;
    Feedback from Gauntlet, Xylvion, and Frodiziak.

    When providing feedback, please be sure to use proper map/class/ability names and use formatting to separate feedback, Level Designers for example are much more likely to see your feedback if it’s separated from abilities.

    Be sure to check out our Forum Formatting Guide, and be sure to post your feedback in the Feedback section.

    General Questions:

    • What’s your favourite character class?
    • What’s your least favourite character class?
    • What’s your favourite ability?
    • What’s your least favourite ability?
    • How do you feel about movement speed outside of combat? (Travelling from spawn to objectives or between objectives)
    • How do you feel about movement speed inside of combat? (footwork, weapon swing speed or whether you can react to attacks, etc.)
    • What were your favourite weapons to use? Which were your least favourite?
    • Do you play in 1st person or 3rd person? How does the game change for you when you switch perspectives?

    Open Questions:

    What’s fun and what’s not?
    Thoughts on the game balance?
    Anything not clear enough or confusing?
    If you could change only one thing in Mirage, what that would be?

    General Feedback for Environments, Maps, Levels:
    We want to know about all of the following;

    • Vaulting or Collision bugs (can’t vault or walk where you expect to be able to)
    • Anywhere you can get out of the world and not die (map escapes)
    • Anything you can get on top of that could be considered an exploit
    • Spawn wall and team spawn bugs
    • Any feedback on pacing, balance, spawn points, scoring
    • Misspelled text in-game or in ability descriptions
    • Is objective progress or indicators displayed in a way that makes sense?
    • Are the round timers long enough? Are they too long?

    Pushable Modes:

    1-Way Pushables should move when you’ve got more attackers closer to it than defenders and stops when there are equal numbers of attackers & defenders or when there are fewer attackers than defenders.
    2-Way Pushables should move for the team with greater numbers and stop when there are equal numbers of attackers & defenders.

    • Does the ark move when it should?

    Capture Point Modes:

    Contesting capture points; progress shall be made for the team with greater numbers and stop when there are equal numbers of attackers & defenders.

    • How do Spawn Timers affect this game mode? As the round progresses, spawn timers should increase to make defeating your opponents more decisive.
    • How do the capture point modes feel to play out?

    Capture the Flag Modes:

    A single flag must be picked up and delivered to a capture area.

    • Securing the flag follows the same rules as Capture Point modes, but with a faster capture timer
    • Is the capture timer fast enough? Too fast?

    Team Deatmatch Mode:

    Both teams fight with a limited number of respawns. When a team is out of respawns, they lose.

    • Does the on-screen respawn counter make sense?
    • Does the map you played on appropriate for TDM?
    • Do you ever respawn when enemies are closeby?
    • Is the match timer long enough? Too long?

    Thanks for the help!

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