Falcon Ridge: Vaulting and Collision

  • I’ve explored Falcon Ridge for a while and found some spots, that I would like to share with you:

    • This ruin looks like you could climb its walls and walk on top of it. Unfortunately, invisible walls stop you from doing it:


    • There is a pillar which looks like it would allow vaulting. You can even reach the first tier, but if you try to climb higher, you can’t. If it’s not intended to climb these pillars, maybe it should also be disabled on the first ledge. I’ve found myself trying to climb this pillar several times if I wanted to escape a fight, and it always resulted in jumping against the wall and getting slaughtered ;)


    • The last thing for now is the other pillar on the map. It really looks like you could climb it. There is some flat space on top of it, but you can’t stand on it.


    Ok that’s all for now. If I find more on this map, I’ll post it here.


  • Been suggesting this quite a while ago, I still think a lot of the eroded rocks etc should be possible to climb. (Same for Ravine’s first stage)

    The vertical movement really sets this game apart and makes it far more interesting as you can get to higher vantage points than you could in chivalry, the new Z-axis movement gives you more freedome in the way you traverse the maps, you can use it for both offense and defense and it allows for more interesting fights when you suddenly climb a rock and fight on each and every stage of it.

  • Another find:

    • You can walk along the edge of this temple-wall. But if you try to jump on the pillar head (the flat stone area in the bottom left corner) you will fall down. Also, I’ve found a horse <3


  • Developer

    A what? Huh? Must be a bug…

  • @sanastro said in Falcon Ridge: Vaulting and Collision:

    Another find:
    Also, I’ve found a horse <3

    hahahahaha :D

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