PlayOnLinux/PlayOnMac - Can be done now!

  • So iv just been playing the new X-com game wich uses the same engine, and apart from some memory leakage works perfectly. So it should most definitly be playable under mac and linux using wine with the PlayOnLinux/PlayOnMac frontend. My main issue atm is the initial loader that installs some libs like, .net 4, dx9 runthrough, vc2010. Would it be possible to bypass this initial installation process, do it manually, and then have the game launch as if it had gone through the prerequisite install?. Im am fairly hopeful that the game will actually run after this step.

    Im not savvy enough to figure this out on my own, but im sure if you have anyone on the team or elsewhere that has had experience with wine and or playonlinux/mac frontend, or alternatively codeweaver’s crossover, could at-least get us to try and load the game, fairly quickly.

    Since the unreal engine isn’t super heavy it should prove absolutely playable under most peoples machines even under wine. Id be glad to assist someone testing playonlinux “patches”. Im sure your really busy with post launch fixes, but given that the game could possibly run nearly perfectly with minimal loss of performance under 2 more platforms, with essentially no extra coding to support them. Would be something silly to miss out on.

  • I have said the exact same thing in another thread but I also included doing a dual boot. Create an additional partition and install windows just for gaming. It is not that hard now since the hardware is now the same, drivers should be readily available.

  • Aye thats what im (forced to) doing now & for bf3. But think bout the poor mac users? or is windows working on macs now?. Thinking how well the indie humble bundle is doing with mac and linux, if there was some minor support to make it install-able and playable via wine/playon*/crossover it would lead to more sales. If thats something to care about. URE 3 might come to linux and macs at some point but until then where stuck with wine/dualboot. If it turns out that there are more complicated issues with running under wine after getting past the initial install, well that’s to bad, but it would be silly to miss out on imo.

  • Not really when a simple dual boot is really the best and easiest solution but sadly the Mac Fanbois have there heads so stuck up their asses that it is below them to even consider running windows on their precious overly priced machines that finally have the same hardware. Speaking of which, Mac usually uses lower spec hardware, they just have a more efficient OS, dumbed down for the masses. I mean really? A one button mouse? LOLS.

  • Let me put it this way, there is a way to get quite alot more people to buy the game(and play?) with minimal effort. Keep in mind that this engine isn’t super heavy, that’s why it could be viable on macs. And this is a great target style game for multi-platform, just because you can pick it up have a great time for 20m to and hour and just go back to work after. I try to not really judge anyone by what they are running on there particular devices, there are alot of good reasons to choose either one of them, or none of them. Its the old “best tool that fits the job”

    While the game probably wont ever be made for touchscreen or smartphones(hopefully), mac and linux users together come close to the total windows users if you have a look at indie humble bundle sales anyway.

    And if you truly hate mac users would you not rather smash his/her head in with a 2-hand mace?. =)

    Anyway if a dev or associate reads this thread id really like to know what besides unreal engine is binding the game currently to windows?.

  • People RARELY make games for Linux and Mac-

    You use Linux or Mac, live with it.

  • @unclearimage:

    People RARELY make games for Linux and Mac-

    You use Linux or Mac, live with it.

    Even though in the past this has been true its not quite like that anymore. Im not here to complain further about the issue.

    Have a look for yourself. Mac+linux equals close to double sales.

  • Bumping. I’ll download it now and see if there is some way to modify the install script. It would probably be best (or maybe only possible) if devs did this and uploaded a modified version here. It’s not much effort as far as I can see (probably only 10 minutes) to just see if it works. And for that you might get lots of new customers running *nix systems.

  • Get your copy of Crossover for free only this day.
    with 12 months support. installing chiv atm.

  • Update, i got to the server selection screen with crossover(11.3.1), it crashed during search and wont launch again, i think its a issue related to Microsoft Visual c++ 2010. The menus and configuration screen worked aswell.

    update, got it running!

  • It would be cool if more devs even if they don’t want to code for linux take the time to make profiles for the games to work on linux and possibly also mac although they would need extra hardware to do that.

  • I played for a bit on lowest settings, at 1280x800, framerates arnt to good, also resolution switching didnt seem to help much. core i7 @ 4.2gz, 670gtx 4gb. Framerate can be manageable after lowering some settings, but there are constant 1 sec spikes randomly, thats the main reason its not playable. So ima try some fullscreen, if i can ever get it into that mode properly. Its with the 310 experimental drivers cant remember the version, i think the latest was ending with 19, and the offical one packaged ends with 14, thats the one im on. Will do some more testings.

    edit: ubuntu 12.10, crossover(cxoffice) 11.3.1, nvidia 310.14 linux drivers, under unity.
    Basically i got around the prerequisite installer bundle that it comes with by using the same from another game, ei UDK redist and .net redists, and the rest of the deps. the udk redist from chiv didnt work for me, so that was basically it. get the deps installed, and it should run.

    heres a vid of me installing and running it under ubuntu 12.10.
    [youtubehd:4lqn488t]lOHGtIdD66w[/youtubehd:4lqn488t] …

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