When parrying fails: attack animations, hit windows, and holes in coverage

  • After about 20 hours in A big issue I have noticed is how odd parrying and attacking feels and behaves. It shouldn’t be perfect in Alpha I know, this is intended to be helpful to the devs.

    A few examples:

    I have parried way too early on some slower or decelerated attacks and somehow the parry carries over and blocks it when the animation of my parry is already going to neutral.

    I have parried exactly when I should on a stab attack aiming at the tip of the weapon, my parry is up mid animation I get ready for a reposte but…the attack completely bypasses my parry and connects. This happens often ( especially with vypress, though not always) throughout all stages of parry animation.

    When I reposte to an accelerated overhead as Taurant it almost has a 100% success rate, this seems unintentional.

    Some attacks appear from the model to attack in one direction but connect in another.

    During some attack animations the models move over the terrain and moves poorly to the point where it looks like claymation and they sort of “skate” instead of walk. Would be cool if Taurant kicked up dust and seemed stompier when he moves and vypress lean forward and run on the tips of her feet making her look more agile ect…

    A suggestion I thought of if you want to keep the move speed slow: Instead of moving in one smooth motion like a floating camera, make each step propel you forward incrementally. Then instead tweak each characters speed by length of step and number of strides per given increment of time rather than a flat speed increase. Everything would instantly stop “floating”. This also would make the slow movement more integrated into the gameplay and make it seem more brutal which would combine well with the gore to the overall experience and make the feel of each character more customizable.

    If the attack release time of everyone was sped up relative to their movement speed everything would look and feel more believable and seem less floaty while also make hitbox exploits harder to pull off and do by accident.

    Anyone else notice anything odd along these lines?

  • @Axelay
    I have also noticed parrying being weird. I think some of it is due to animations going through, but I don’t know that for sure. Also, I’m not sure if it’s lag or something, either - sometimes I wonder if the server is reading my character’s facing correctly when I parry.

    Edit: I suppose what I should say is that it doesn’t feel very good when you think you parried, but it doesn’t happen, especially with first hit flinch.

  • @Xylvion
    Ooohhhhhhh that explains a lot, actually.

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