Directional parry with rewards and punishment.

  • I’d really like to see players have to use directional parrying for different incoming attacks to make the enemy recoil briefly. I think this would make players think more tactfully when engaging enemies rather than having teammates try to rush in with superior numbers all swinging wildly (usually resulting in accidental team-kills).

  • TEAM KILL: Medieval Warfare

    ^ But only when your team has no regard for the well being of anyone’s head but their own.

    Now to address directional parrying, I would very much enjoy giving this a shot maybe with a mod or something of the sort. although to be fair, non-directional parrying is excellent for that perfect balance between tactically outsmarting and out maneuvering your opponent and the pure enjoyment of running in screaming and paying no heed to any parrying mechanic whatsoever.

  • Parrying an attack properly isn’t easy. I think while directional parries would be more natural they would have less effect then a solid front parry. This would be a cool addition to the game however, as some weapons make it very hard for a front parry to work at all.

  • Just think of how much more fun and useful the weapon swing juke would be though! I hardly see anyone use it. =(

  • I use feint often, almost every fight. It’s very funny actually because 9 times out of 10 people will block, or lower their guard for the attack. I don’t use it right away however, I use it mid battle after I’ve already swung on them a few times, to ketch them by surprise. The best is a feint + kick.

  • I might try working feint in a bit more, but I still wish the combat system was a little deeper, ya know? More flavor!!! Spicy taco flavor!
    It’s still early, I suppose. Maybe someday a kind and gentle sir will work something extra in. I’ve got this bloodlust, see? Ever since PVK 2.4 update ruined the game for me lol.

  • Isn’t parrying already directional?

  • Nah, it’s not directional, you just have to look at your opponent’s weapon as it swings.

    I’m talking more about a movement + blocking combination that’d block vertical, horizontal or pokes depending on what buttons you’re using to move while pressing block.

  • Such a system is honestly less skill based than the current aim based blocking. It’s just muscle memory to know which block to use against which swing.

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