Mirage Hints & Tool-tips

  • The following is a full list of the hints we’ll be implementing. If you think we’ve missed some hints, please post your ideas for new ones!

    Formatting notes; any time you see a game mechanic written within brackets, it’s a placeholder reference that will use the player’s current keybindings to display that feature.
    Example: {Jump} is defaulted to Spacebar, but that could be bound to another key. To help you use these features in-game, I’ve included the default keybind in the 3rd column.

    Please note that anything in this list may change and/or be updated over the course of development.

    Tag/Type Hint Default Keybind
    Beginner 1 Press {Jump} to jump. Space
    Beginner 2 Don’t forget to parry; every attack and ability in the game can be parried.
    Beginner 3 Press and hold {Jump} to vault up onto a short ledge. Space
    Beginner 4 Press Jump while in the air near a wall to Wall Jump off or up the wall.
    Beginner 5 Go higher by Vaulting ({Jump}) up a ledge after a Wall Jump Space
    Beginner 6 Adjust your Field of View to a setting that makes you feel comfortable.
    Beginner 7 You can set mouse sensitivity in the Settings > Gameplay page.
    Beginner 8 Hold {Sprint} to Sprint! You can turn on Auto-Sprint in the Options > Game menu. Shift
    Beginner 9 If you get stuck, press F10 to activate the Suicide function.
    Beginner Combat 1 Press {Slash} to perform a melee slash attack. Left Mouse Button
    Beginner Combat 2 Press {Parry} to deflect any attack or projectile! Right Mouse Button
    Beginner Combat 3 During an attack, you can adjust the aim and speed of your swings by dragging your mouse. Move Mouse
    Beginner Combat 4 {Overhead} to perform a melee Overhead attack Mouse ScrollWheel Down
    Beginner Combat 5 {Stab} to perform a melee Thrust attack Mouse ScrollWheel Up
    Beginner Combat 6 Try to aim your strikes around your opponent’s parries.
    Beginner Combat 7 When parrying, look at the incoming projectile or the tip of the enemy’s weapon.
    Beginner Combat 8 Strike your opponent first to interrupt their attack!
    Beginner Combat 9 Use {AltAttack} to alternate your attack pattern and surprise your opponent! Left ALT
    Beginner Combat 10 You do not regain Health or Stamina when Jumping or Attacking
    Beginner Combat 11 Use {Jump} while walking backwards or sideways to perform a small dodge. Space
    Beginner Combat 12 Your weapons will damage teammates if you don’t aim carefully!
    Beginner Combat 13 Activate abilities using the {AbilityQ}, {AbilityE}, {AbilityF} keys! Q, E, F
    Combat 1 Chain attacks together by attacking again before your current attack completes.
    Combat 2 Abilities and attacks can be canceled in windup phase, before they begin dealing damage. Press {CancelAttack}. R or V
    Combat 3 Your weapon deals damage while it is in Release phase.
    Combat 4 You are vulnerable during the recovery phase of attacks or abilities and cannot attack or parry.
    Combat 5 Feinting, parrying, jumping and missing attacks all cost stamina.
    Combat 6 Counter-attack with a Riposte by attacking immediately after you successfully parry an attack or ability.
    Combat 7 If you are struck during your attack or ability, your action will be interrupted!
    Combat 8 Use precision overheads and thrusts in team fights! Slashing will harm teammates.
    Combat 9 You can duck an enemy attack by crouching and looking down or up. Press {Crouch}. Left CTRL
    Combat 10 While attacking, you can adjust the movement and speed of your weapon with the mouse.
    Combat 11 You can feint an attack in windup with {CancelAttack} to trick your enemy or to parry instead. You can even Cancel some abilities! R or V
    Combat 12 Don’t parry too quickly if an enemy rushes you! You are vulnerable during parry recovery.
    Combat 13 Force heavy opponents to miss by strafing or backpedaling, then strike quickly as they recover.
    Combat 14 Press {AltAttack} to change the initial direction of any melee swing. Left ALT
    Combat 15 Think of your WASD keys as your feet and your mouse as your hips.
    Vypress Ability 3 The Vypress’ Phase ability allows her to to evade all effects for a short time, passing through characters and projectiles.
    Vigilist Ability 1 Vigilist’s Ward Strike and Surge abilities stagger and interrupt your opponent.
    Abilities 1 Press {AbilityR} to reload certain abilities. R
    Death 1 Defend yourself! Press the {Parry} button to deflect incoming weapons or abilities! Right Mouse Button
    Death 2 You can Parry again immediately after a successfull Parry; just press the {Parry} button again! Right Mouse Button
    Death 3 Try turning towards the tip of the enemy’s weapon to successfully parry.
    Death 4 Use numbers to your advantage; group up!
    Death 5 Change up your tactics! Avoid being outnumbered, flank, and use your abilities creatively.
    Death 5 To parry explosive abilities, turn towards the impact point of the projectile.
    Fall Damage 1 Falling from great heights will hurt you!
    Fall Damage 2 Look for safe ways down to avoid fall damage. Ledges or wall jumps can help you land safely.
    Fall Damage 3 Some abilities can help you fall great distances safely or can keep you from falling at all!
    On Spawn (Vypress) 1 The Vypress is quick but fragile, use her to outflank and harass the enemy.
    On Spawn (Vypress) 2 The Vypress is quick! Use her to intercept the enemy or quickly secure an objective.
    On Spawn (Vypress) 3 The Vypress’ Phase ability allows her to to evade all effects for a short time, passing through characters and projectiles.
    On Spawn (Taurant) 1 The Taurant is a front-line brawler, able to deal lots of damage to many enemies at once.
    On Spawn (Taurant) 2 Leapslam and Charge abilities can help the Taurant reach higher ledges or cross chasms.
    On Spawn (Taruant) 3 Taurant attacks too slow? Use Shove or Explosive Punch for something quicker!
    On Spawn (Tinker) 1 The Tinker is a battlefield controller! Use her abilities to control where the enemy can move!
    On Spawn (Tinker) 2 The Tinker can place obstacles in the path of the enemy to keep them away or force them to go around.
    On Spawn (Tinker) 3 Use the Hookshot or Stasis abilities to control individual enemies.
    On Spawn (Entropist) 1 The Entropist has a wide variety of abilities to control the battlefield or assist his allies!
    On Spawn (Entropist) 2 Try to position the Entropist where he can effectively support allies or confound enemies.
    On Spawn (Entropist) 3 The Entropist’s Magic Carpet can help him evade enemies or reach higher ledges!
    On Spawn (Alchemancer) 1 The Alchemancer is a ranged attacker, able to damage enemies from a distance, but fragile in melee. Keep away the enemy!
    On Spawn (Alchemancer) 2 You can drag many of your ranged attacks around teammates or obstacles! Just move your crosshairs after you fire a projectile!
    On Spawn (Alchemancer) 3 Keep your distance as the Alchemancer; if you see an enemy approaching, prepare to use your abilities to escape!
    On Spawn (Alchemancer) 4 The Alchemancer can surprise an enemy with a quick thrust or overhead with his magical dagger! Mouse ScrollWheel Up/Down
    On Spawn (Vigilist) 1 The Vigilist is a front-line fighter; she can hold her ground or press the attack!
    On Spawn (Vigilist) 2 The Vigilist’s abilities help her defend her allies and repel her enemies.
    On Spawn (Vigilist) 3 The Vigilist cannot move upwards as easily as other classes; look for ledges or alternate routes to gain higher ground.
    Warmup Phase 1 Attack as a group to make it easier to capture objectives!
    Warmup Phase 2 Follow the on-screen markers to find the objectives or your allies!
    Warmup Phase 3 Stick together! Wait for teammates before attacking the enemy.
    Ability On Cooldown 1 Once an ability is used, it must cool down before being used again.
    Ability On Cooldown 2 The more powerful the ability, the longer the cooldown time.
    Ability On Cooldown 3 Interrupted abilities need a short cool down before being used again.
    Non Event Hint 1 Press {Parry} to deflect any attack or projectile! Right Mouse Button
    Non Event Hint 2 When winding up, {Parry} will cancel the attack and begin parrying. Right Mouse Button
    Non Event Hint 3 Wall-jumping or vaulting can help you avoid falling damage if you’re near a wall.
    Non Event Hint 4 Hold {ShowScoreboard} to view the scoreboard! TAB
    Non Event Hint 5 Change your keyboard layout in the Keybind tab of the Options menu!
    Non Event Hint 6 Vaulting and Wall Jumping can help you reach high ledges and platforms!
    Non Event Hint 7 Visit the Training Grounds to try out new abilities or weapons!
    Non Event Hint 8 View your currently equipped abilities by pressing {ShowAbilityDescriptions}. F1
    Non Event Hint 9 View your controls by pressing {ShowInputMappings}. F2
    Non Event Hint 10 Charge into battle screaming! Activate your Battlecry by pressing {BattleCry}! C
    Non Event Hint 11 Access your Tactical and Personal Voice menus by pressing {VOTacticalMenu} or {VOPersonalMenu}! Z or X
    Non Event Hint 12 Press and hold {PushToTalk} to speak with other players! V
    Non Event Hint 13 Tap the {AllSay} key to chat to everyone in the match. T
    Non Event Hint 14 Tap the {TeamSay} key to chat only to your teammates. Y
    Non Event Hint 15 Press {SelectClass} to change your loadout while in a match. L or M
    Non Event Hint 16 Press {SelectTeam} to change teams while in a match. N
    Non Event Hint 17 Press {ShowFriendlyMarkers} to toggle Friendly Markers. H
    Non Event Hint 18 Press {ToggleCamera} to switch between 1st and 3rd person camera. P

  • Press F10 for a fun surprise.

  • Combat: Use {Jump} while walking backwards or sideways to perform a small dodge. This can be used to quickly step out of range of incoming melee attacks, and to avoid ranged abilities.

  • Global Moderator

    Honestly this could be kind of controversial:

    “The more powerful the ability, the longer the cooldown time.”

    I don’t really think it fits with everything else.

  • Update: Hints are now accessible in-game, but you must activate both Beginner and Advanced hints in the Configuration > Game page.

    Known Issues;

    • Hint header may stay on your screen until the map restarts
    • Some placeholder hints may appear

  • Removed for all classes except Alchemancer from the following;

    • Beginner Combat 4 - {Overhead} to perform a melee Overhead attack [Mouse ScrollWheel Down]
    • Beginner Combat 5 - {Stab} to perform a melee Thrust attack [Mouse ScrollWheel Up]

  • Reworked entire list to be more concise, added new hints.

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